Important Tips for Wear OS smartwatch Users

Wear OS was first introduced in 2014 and it has been used on many smartwatch models, including Sony SWR50 SmartWatch 3 and Moto 360. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also uses...
poco watch

Poco Watch Review

Poco Watch is Pocophone’s debut in the smartwatch marketplace and the brand is known for its affordable, yet decent smartphones. If Pocophone brings its well-known tradition to the smartwatch market, users...

Xiaomi Watch S1 Review

Watch S1 is the current high-end smartwatch from Xiaomi and it comes with plenty of improvements over the previous models. This smartwatch is supposed to be a jack of all trades...
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Major Improvements That the Next Apple Watch Should Have

The Apple Watch has evolved into an excellent fitness tracker and smartwatch. The first model could only tell you time and receive from a paired iPhone. Over the years, Apple Watch...

What’s new in WatchOS 9

Apple announced new things at the WWDC keynote. WatchOS being popular, it's no doubt had a big major part in the event. Apple has gone and announced some major updates to...

Polar Pacer Pro Review

Many consumers want a smartwatch that isn’t just an ordinary smartwatch. Many have different preferences and they want a device that suits them well for different situations and activities. It isn’t...

What We Know So Far About Google Pixel Watch?

Google has officially announced the future arrival of Pixel Watch and it is currently the most anticipated device in the smartwatch market. The company unveiled its upcoming wearable on May 11...

Polar Vs Fitbit: Which Smartwatch Brand to Choose?

With the fitness-oriented smartwatch, exercising is more convenient to do for some people. It’s a great way to properly challenge yourself and it will be easier to track your progress. Polar...
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8 tips on how to Extend the Battery Life of Your Wear OS Smartwatch

With the eventual arrival of the Pixel Watch, it appears that the Wear OS is catching up. Apple Watch is still dominating the smartwatch market and it will face tougher competition...

What Fossil Should Add in It’s Future Smartwatches?

Fossil smartwatches have been the mainstay of Wear OS and if you prefer to use the software, you could consider a Fossil smartwatch. Fortunately, Google is renewing its focus on the...