Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Sony Introduces the Asymmetric VR Technology

Sony has filed a new patent about asymmetric VR and it allows the audience to influence and participate in virtual reality experience. Details about...

How to Explore the Space with Your VR Wearable?

With virtual reality, we could potentially do many things, including exploring distant places. VR headset has entered the mainstream market and it’s not only...

NextMind’s Dev Kit Controls VR Headset With Your Mind

NextMind looks something out of a sci-fi movie with its ability to track our brain signal and control VR objects. Users need to wear...

Apple is Working on Its First VR Headset

Apple will introduce its first virtual reality headset. Although it will be a pricey precursor, Apple fans will be definitely enthusiastic about it. Just...

Panasonic Releases New VR Glasses With Steampunk Design

We could find many virtual reality headsets in the market and most of them are quite bulky. Panasonic has introduced a solution to this...

Virtual Reality Accessories That You Should Have

Latest consoles, including Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X offer amazing graphics, but they can never achieve the immersive experience of virtual reality....
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Microgaming games on the go

Microgaming games on the go are very popular today. This is partly just a function of the fact that these games are so widely...