Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Facebook Smart Glasses Can Be Controlled with a Glove

Later this year, Facebook will release its first ever smart glasses, which incorporate AR or augmented reality experience. With good implementation, smart glasses can...

What We Know So Far About Apple AR Glasses

Since 2017, we have heard that Apple is developing a new consumer device with AR technology. Based on various leaks and rumours, we already...

Razer Releases Anzu Smart Glasses

In recent years, audio-focused smart glasses are starting to become a thing. The Razer Anzu could pair with various Android and iOS devices. Users...

Latest Developments of AR Technology

Smartphones have become a primary computing platform, because they are increasingly capable and much more mobile than laptops. It appears that AR glasses will...

Impacts of Smart Glasses in Healthcare Sector

Before the emergence of COVID-19, there had been suggestions that smart glasses could be useful in healthcare sector. The pandemic has accelerated technological implementations...

Facebook Will Release Smart Glasses This Year

Finally, Google will release their new smart glasses this year, although it doesn’t have an actual AR technology. Digital objects won’t be overlaid on...
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7 Travel Benefits of Apple Watch Gadget

We have hundreds of gadgets at our disposal that make our travelling easy. From a compass to GPS trekking, they are becoming useful and...