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How to Troubleshoot Blood Oxygen Monitoring in Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple has introduced the ability to monitor our blood oxygen level, which is useful when you have various health issues. It is straightforward to...

Missing Important Features of the Apple Watch

Apple’s operating system for its wearable, the watchOS has definitely come a long way. With each new update, we get additional features. Even so,...

What To Do Before Selling Your Apple Watch?

After getting the most of your wearable, it is time to sell it. Depending on the market situation, there could be huge demand on...

What to Do if Apple Fitness+ Won’t Work?

If you have been using Apple Fitness+ on the Apple Watch, you may realize that it’s a quite straightforward service. However, as a new...

How To Clean Apple Watch Band?

It’s easy for any wearable to get dirty, because your wear it all the time. Dust, dirt and sweat can make your Apple Watch...

How to Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch?

The closed ecosystem of Apple products and software solutions allows seamless integration. If you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, you can...

What We Know So Far About Apple Watch SE 2

Apple Watch SE was a rather new strategy for Apple, because it is a low-cost alternative for people who consider the Apple Watch 6...

Future Apple Watches May Have Blood Pressure Monitor

Since the first Apple Watch, new health tracking features has been added. Initially, Apple Watch had heart rate monitor, followed later by ECG monitor...

Got an Apple Watch for Christmas? Here are the Best Tips...

If you get a brand-new Apple Watch for Christmas, there are things to configure and optimize. The features of Apple Watch could overwhelm brand-new...
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Best Tips and Trick for Your New Samsung Galaxy Watch

Just got a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch? There are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of it. All you need...

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