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Should You Buy Apple Watch Series 7?

  Owners of Apple Watch Series 5 may consider upgrading their devices to the new Watch Series 7. If money isn’t issue, you may even...

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch Series 6 is currently the most capable smartwatch model from Apple. Despite having a feature-packed smartwatch, you may not be able...

How to Troubleshoot Blood Oxygen Monitoring in Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple has introduced the ability to monitor our blood oxygen level, which is useful when you have various health issues. It is straightforward to...

How Owning an Apple Watch Series 6 Really Feels Like?

After spending months owning and wearing the latest smartwatch from Apple, you may learn some new things. You can wear it constantly when exercising,...

Missing Important Features of the Apple Watch

Apple’s operating system for its wearable, the watchOS has definitely come a long way. With each new update, we get additional features. Even so,...

6 Hidden Apple Watch Series SE features you need to know

Apple Watch SE is more affordable than Apple Watch Series 6, but it is still a capable device. With the Watch SE, you can...

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 Comparison Guide

In recent years, smartwatches have been a popular gift and choosing among them can be a challenge. Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch...

How to Fix Apple Watch When the Touchscreen isn’t Working?

As a touch-based device, this problem could also happen to your Apple Watch. If the touchscreen display of your Apple Watch works sluggishly or...

How to Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch?

The closed ecosystem of Apple products and software solutions allows seamless integration. If you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, you can...

Apple is Developing a Rugged Smartwatch

Apple Watch wasn’t the first modern smartwatch, because we had Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear before that. Even so, Apple’s smartwatch immensely...

Аpple Glass Will Have Self-Cleaning Feature

If you wear glasses all the time, you know that fingerprint, dust and condensation may smudge the lenses. It’s an annoying that we must...

What We Know So Far About Apple Glasses?

This year, we are expecting to see many new wearables that support VR and AR technology. Among the much-awaited device is the Apple Glasses....

What to Choose: Garnim Fenix 6 or Apple Watch Series 6

Before choosing any of these smartwatch models, you should know that they are very different in terms of design. The design of Apple Watch...

What We Know So Far About Apple Watch SE 2

Apple Watch SE was a rather new strategy for Apple, because it is a low-cost alternative for people who consider the Apple Watch 6...
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The Best Things You Can Do With Apple Watch

If you are enticed to splash out on the beautiful Apple Watch 2, or you have just experienced the joy of having one on...