/Effects of Internet Addiction – Use of Android Monitoring App in 2020

Effects of Internet Addiction – Use of Android Monitoring App in 2020

People can stay home without TV, but they can’t spend their time without a mobile phone. Smartphones with internet access make our life easy, and we can do many of our daily routine tasks on our phones, including; online payments, shopping, bills, etc. Internet has both negative and positive effects. But if a person uses the internet in excess, then it can cause many problems. Internet addiction can harm the mental health of the user.

In this article, we will share every potential internet side effect and how you can fight with internet addiction using the android monitoring app in 2020.

Internet Addiction – The Definition 

Internet addiction refers to the online dependence of a user, and it also refers to the mental health of the user and creativity level as well. Such internet usage urges the person to do online activities rather than real-life activities.

Some people love to play online games, and some want to watch videos, etc. This kind of internet addiction can bring many problems. If the internet usage can disturb your daily life routine, then you are also suffering from internet addiction.

Internet Addiction Symptoms

Spending time on the internet for non-work-related activities, including; games, social media, etc. indicates that you are also diagnosed with an internet addiction disorder. Some other symptoms help you check if someone is experiencing internet addiction.

  • Mood Swings
  • Uncontrollable online behavior
  • Time spent on online activities for hours
  • Internet usage that affects the real-life relationship of the user with loved ones or friends
  • Aggressive mood when a user can’t get enough time for online activities
  • Depression

Internet Addiction – How It Happens?

It does happen in multiple ways and makes a user feel helpless for uncontrollable online behavior for many hours of the day, which can also affect the user work or school life.

Let’s throw some light on the types of Internet Addiction.  

Game Addiction

Well, games are not only for the kids now, but adults also get addicted to many games, including PUBG, FIFA, Fallout 4, etc. If we talk about teenagers, they are the most addicted game users we found. They do not count the hours how much they spend time playing video suicidal games.

Such games cause aggressiveness in user behavior and make them stay away from their loved ones. When adults spend time on playing games, it can affect their productivity level. It is harmful for anyone who plays games in excess and also harms mental health, like depression, etc.

Cybersex – Internet Addiction Type

It involves user obsession with sexual content available on the internet. People, especially, teens get addicted to adult websites or chatrooms that grab their attention and make them stay online for many hours. Such addiction can cause some severe health problems and can ruin a user’s real-life relations.

Online Relationships – Affects Real-Life Relations

Some people try to maintain their online relationships, which they make on online platforms (Social media platforms). Such relationships make a user forget about the interaction with people. Cyber relationships reduce the social communication skills of the user and decrease the confidence level.  

What Is the Solution to Prevent Internet Addiction?

Are you looking for an ultimate solution?

Well, you are in the right place.

People often waste their money on finding a suitable solution to prevent internet addiction, but here, we have come up with a reliable solution, which is known as spyware for android devices.

Using an android monitoring app, you can do many things and can stop your loved ones from internet addiction. All you need is to install the app in the target android phone, and the next step is to monitor the screen of the target device.

Third-party apps enable the end-user to take multiple actions, including:

Set the Screen Time

Uninstall the Apps

Block the Access of Inappropriate Content

Stop the Access of Adults Websites

Lock the Screen

Online Activities Notifications

And many more!

After analysis, we have come to the point that after communication with the internet-addicted person, the use of spyware is the best option to prevent internet addiction.

This way, you can watch every running activity on the target screen and can take action with only a few clicks.