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Little Known Features of Apple Watch

Apple is known for its impressive innovations. They may not be the first maker of smartphones or smartwatches, but they know how to make these devices very appealing and highly functional....

Why Smartwatches Won’t Replace Smartphones

As smartwatches become more functional and powerful, some people are wondering whether they will replace smartphones one day. It’s true that smartwatches are wearable computers with their processor, RAM, storage, and...

7 Key Things To Do After Buying a Smartwatch?

Even if you don’t normally wear a wristwatch, you may seriously consider buying a smartwatch. These devices are essentially wearable computers with various features and apps. This means, your smartwatch can...

Future Apple Watch May Have Touch ID

When you are a long-time Apple Watch user, you may desire a touch-based biometric authentication system. Face ID implementation may be still far too problematic for Apple Watch because it needs...

Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review

Huawei released its first Watch Fit in 2020 and since then, the Chinese company has been releasing numerous GT-series, smartwatch models. Recently, Huawei introduced the new Fit 2 which still has...

Fossil Releases Venture Edition of Gen 6 Smartwatch

If you are planning to get a Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch, it is a good thing that the brand recently releases the new Venture Edition. While the Hybrid edition of Fossil...
Smartwatch to Choose in 2022

What GPS-Equipped Smartwatch to Choose in 2022?

As a wearable, GPS-equipped smartwatches are versatile and allow you to find a location or track your running distance. Any GPS device gets signals from more than one satellite and uses...

What to Do if Your Wear OS Smartwatch and Smartphone Keep Disconnecting?

Your smartwatch works great on its own, but it will achieve optimum potential when paired with your smartphone. You will get a plethora of additional features when both are properly paired....

Important Tips for Wear OS smartwatch Users

Wear OS was first introduced in 2014 and it has been used on many smartwatch models, including Sony SWR50 SmartWatch 3 and Moto 360. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also uses...
poco watch

Poco Watch Review

Poco Watch is Pocophone’s debut in the smartwatch marketplace and the brand is known for its affordable, yet decent smartphones. If Pocophone brings its well-known tradition to the smartwatch market, users...