5 iPhone Apps To Boost Website Engagement

One word that defines the current business environment for me is – hyperactive. A business today faces too much competition, thus making the environment hyperactive. And as more people join the pool, it becomes all the more difficult for the service takers to take a decision in favour of one

Top Cryptocurrency Apps for the Apple Watch

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have changed how we interact with the world.  You can now send payments to anyone on the planet without having to ask for permission from your government or bank.  Despite sanctions, it is now possible to send some bitcoin or ethereum to help out friends in

Make the Right Phone Choices to Enhance Your Life Today

Our smartphones are among the most important and essential parts of our lives these days. So, you need to make sure you have the perfect phone that suits your needs in everyday life. Technology has developed so much in recent times that we can’t possibly live our lives without it.

Casio GW7900B-1 Sports Watch – Review

The Casio GW7900B-1 sports stopwatch combines the high precision of solar powered atomic time, Japanese quartz movement, and high-frequency electronics with the ruggedness of a resin epoxy band and case. Made in the USA, this is an extremely accurate stopwatch measure up to one-hundredth of a second, which makes it

Von in Space – Press Release

Take a spacewalk as ‘VON’ the curious CosmoBot and float amongst the dazzling celestial wonders of the Universe as you travel through the rainbow portals of time and hyperspace to an extraterrestrial symphony of sound and brilliant colour. ‘VON’ is an intergalactic mobile tapping game designed and produced by award-winning

Is Buying a Refurbished iPad a Smart Choice?

It is indeed! Latest technology which is designed to ease our daily life will of course demand some investment. But, sometimes the investment technology expects us to make gets way too much then we can expect. And, which is why we end up suppressing our need. But still there is

Why UK Residents Cannot Afford to Not Use a VPN

In the UK, and by extension globally, digital privacy is increasingly becoming non-existent. Unfortunately, even as digital privacy becomes a limited commodity, overall privacy concerns in the UK are declining. Consider the 2018 report by the DMA group in conjunction with Acxiom. The report indicates that the number of people

Cell Phone Spy Software for Spouse

A dishonest partner can leave you both emotionally destroyed and financially bankrupt. Most of the times these cheaters are smart enough to hide their intentions from their significant other. But this should not be overlooked. If you are suspicious of your partner/spouse, dig a little deeper and clear out the

Transfer the data easily EaseUS MobiMover 4.5

Data is such a thing which we always want to keep safe. For this, it is required transferring the data from mobile to PC. Well, transfer the data is not a piece of apple and there is a requirement of the medium through which we can transfer the data. Here