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10 Ways You Can Reuse Your Broken iPhone

There are many ways to re-use your broken iPhone. You can use it as a dedicated audio and video player and listen to your favourite songs. If your iPhone is not much damaged, you can use the pre-installed apps in it. You can also use Wi-Fi and surf the internet. There are numerous creative ways to re-purpose your old, broken iPhone.

If your iPhone is out of order then you must be wondering ‘where to sell my broken iPhone. Well apart from selling, there are a lot of ways that can help you repurpose your broken iPhone. Here are a few things you can do with your extra or spare iPhone laying around the house.

How to Download Ustream Videos to Watch on an iPhone

If you enjoy watching some of the content on Ustream then you certainly don’t need to be told how appealing it can be. Ranging from live events and webinars to themed channels and even some TV stations – Ustream has developed a fairly large following due to the quality of its content.

Because it is an online video stream however, you cannot download videos from Ustream. As such you won’t be able to save them and transfer them over to your iPhone if you want to conserve bandwidth on your mobile internet or watch it offline. That being said, with Movavi Screen Capture Studio you will be able to bypass that restriction and use it as a Ustream downloader.

Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone – Great Tips That Will Help in Your Purchase

So you are contemplating purchasing a renovated iPhone? It is certainly an awesome thought since you can get an amazing advanced mobile phone without paying top dollar as you would on the off chance that you bought it straightforwardly from an Apple Store. There are a couple primary things that you should consider before making your buy particularly if this is your first buy of a repaired electronic gadget.

You Up For A Project This Weekend, Make an Apple Watch Door Unlocker

Below is a video tutorial which shows you how to unlock your door with a simple tap of your Apple Watch.

Put together by the guys at Make, the project will take up about 10-16 hours of your time, it will require about $100-$120,

Get Apple’s iOS 9 On Your iPhone Today Totally Free

iOS 9 is currently still in a Beta stage and won’t be released to the public until the autumn. But you can get your hands on it today for free.

Apple has released the beta version of iOS 9 and over the next few months they will be making touches to get it out to the public. iOS 9 got a host of new features,