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What to Do if Apple Fitness+ Won’t Work?

If you have been using Apple Fitness+ on the Apple Watch, you may realize that it’s a quite straightforward service. However, as a new...

How to Use Apple Watch Without an iPhone?

Apple uses a closed ecosystem, where all devices can work together seamless. The Apple Watch is designed to work better when paired with an...

How To Clean Apple Watch Band?

It’s easy for any wearable to get dirty, because your wear it all the time. Dust, dirt and sweat can make your Apple Watch...

What Apps to Install For Your Brand-New Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is highly capable out of the box, but you could ensure maximum capabilities by installing third-party apps. If you want to extend...

6 Hidden Apple Watch Series SE features you need to know

Apple Watch SE is more affordable than Apple Watch Series 6, but it is still a capable device. With the Watch SE, you can...

Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6 Comparison Guide

In recent years, smartwatches have been a popular gift and choosing among them can be a challenge. Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch...

How to Fix Apple Watch When the Touchscreen isn’t Working?

As a touch-based device, this problem could also happen to your Apple Watch. If the touchscreen display of your Apple Watch works sluggishly or...

How to Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch?

The closed ecosystem of Apple products and software solutions allows seamless integration. If you use a Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, you can...

Samsung Watch 3 vs OnePlus Watch: Which One is Better?

In its 2021 lineup, OnePlus has added its first-ever smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch offers a number of distinguishable features, including decent battery life, compared...

Apple is Developing a Rugged Smartwatch

Apple Watch wasn’t the first modern smartwatch, because we had Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear before that. Even so, Apple’s smartwatch immensely...

Realme Watch S Pro Review

Last year, Realme released the Realme Band and Realme Watch last year. The new Watch S Pro is a step up from the previous...

OnePlus Introduces Its First Smartwatch

 The OnePlus Watch is finally here and the brand has introduced us its brand-new and first smartwatch, alongside two OnePlus 9 series flagships. The...

Best Wearables for Golfers

If you love playing golf, wearables can help you perform better or track your progress. They have many relevant features, such as virtual caddies,...

Xiaomi Mi Watch Review

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is a great model to choose if you want an affordable fitness tracker and smartwatch. Costing at just £119 in...
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The Best Budget Smartwatch in 2021 to Rival the Apple Watch

Budget Smartwatch As the new year knocks at our doors, we are all looking forward to 2021 with great hopes! Everyone is gearing up to...