Samsung has recently released the Galaxy Watch 5 recently, but that doesn’t mean, it is the best model for you. Each person has different preferences, requirements, and budgets, so an older, cheaper model is probably still adequate. At the moment, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Fit are still available in stores. Here are things to consider:

Case size

If you choose a smartwatch with the wrong case size, it may not fit well due to your thin or large wrist. If you choose the wrong model, it is likely that the smartwatch will be too small or too large for you. If you have a thin wrist, choose a Samsung Galaxy Watch model with a 40 mm or 42 mm case. If you prefer a larger model, choose a 44 mm, 45 mm, or 46 mm case.

Display size

Although you interact with the display of the smartwatch less often than with your smartphone, its size should be one of your primary criteria. If you want a stylish smartwatch that matches your fashion style, you may choose a model with a smaller display. If you prefer a more functional device and you plan to interact with your smartwatch more often, choose a model with a larger display. The smallest model has a 1.19-inch display, while the largest one has a 1.4-inch display.


Samsung also has its own product ecosystem. It is easier to pair a Galaxy Watch with a smartphone from Samsung. In fact, some Galaxy Watch models work best with a Samsung smartphone, instead of other Android models. If you have an iPhone, it is probably better to choose an Apple Watch instead for better compatibility.


Any smartwatch has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Both are basic connectivity features to pair with a smartphone or access the Internet through a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you want extra functionality, consider getting a Samsung Galaxy Watch model with built-in 4G LTE support. Be sure to get an e-SIM from your cellular operator, because a 4G-capable Galaxy Watch has a very small SIM slot.


Typical smartwatches have different kinds of sensors for various purposes. Depending on the Galaxy Watch model, there is a pedometer, heart rate sensor, body fat composition sensor SpO2 sensor, or ECG. You also need a GPS if you need a navigational guide or distance measurement for regular running sessions. Samsung Galaxy Fit is a good choice if you exercise regularly.


If you spend more time outside, you should choose a model with extra durability and good waterproofing. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 can withstand scratches and impacts that will damage regular smartwatches. Despite its outdoor-oriented design, the Active 2 still has an elegant design that works well in any social and professional setting, especially if you choose a colorful band.


Smartwatches are not meant to store plenty of files, but some users have unique preferences. The Galaxy Fit has the smallest storage at only 32MB. The Galaxy Active 2 offers 4GB of storage. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 come with the largest storage size at 16GB, which is ideal for installing many apps and storing plenty of music.

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