realme watch

The new Realme Watch 3 is the direct successor of the earlier Realme Watch 2 with better battery life, a larger display, and various new features.


Realme Watch 3 is among the most attractive smartwatch in terms of design with a square dial and comfortable strap. It has a shiny finish on its sides with a metal alloy look. The shiny appearance will make your smartwatch stand out amongst those worn by your co-workers and friends. Made of durable silicone, the strap is 22mm thick and it’s interchangeable. On the right side, there’s a multi-function button to wake up the display, pause your workout and open the menu. There are also a speaker grill and microphone, so you can communicate through your smartwatch. On the rear of the device, there are SpO2 and heart rate sensors with magnetic charging pins. With an IP68 rating, you can use the Realme Watch 3 for outdoor activities, with dust and water resistance.


The Realme Watch 3 has a 1.8-inch display with a curved surface and 240 x 286 resolution. It’s usable under direct sunlight with 500 nits of peak brightness. The 2.5D scratch-resistant glass can easily withstand scratching. It is easy to modify the brightness level by swiping the display to the left. You should get a butter smooth experience with the touchscreen, thanks to the highly responsive display. You can access music controls and activity data by swiping the display to the right. With its brighter and bigger display, the Realme Watch 3 should be more functional than many smartwatch models on the market.


Being a low-cost smartwatch, the Realme Watch 3 offers you all the necessary features, including the SpO2 monitor and heart rate sensor, as mentioned above. With this smartwatch, you should be able to check your sleeping patterns and stress levels. If you are a workout enthusiast, there are more than a hundred sports activities and modes to choose from. Through the Link app, there are also more than a hundred of watch faces to better customize your device. If you pair the smartwatch with your smartphone, it can work as a camera shutter with Bluetooth connectivity. The high-speed transfer rate makes voice calling through Bluetooth feel smooth and clear.


With 340mAh of battery life, the Realme Watch 3 can last for 7 days with a single charge or 5 days, if you interact with the device more often, including 24-hour heart rate tracking, taking Bluetooth calls, and tracking running sessions. It is possible to charge the smartwatch with your laptop through a cable and it takes about 2 hours for a full charge with the magnetic charging dock.

Overall, the Realme Watch 3 should be a worthy improvement compared to the previous Realme Watch 2. It offers Bluetooth calling support and there are multiple other new features. With casual usage, you can get about one week of battery life. The trendy and stylish design should make the Realme Watch 3 stand out if you wear it. The large and bright display makes the Watch 3 more functional, whether you use it indoors or outdoors.

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