benefits of a smart watch

Smartwatches are often seen as stylish or fashionable wearable digital devices that are more suitable for casual, health-tracking, or professional uses. However, with the emergence of rugged smartwatches, they now work well for outdoor activities. If you spend a lot of time outside and do plenty of outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, and mountain biking, here are the benefits of a smartwatch right now:

Track your physical activities

Many people do physical activities not only for leisure purposes but also to remain physically active. When you climb or hike regularly, smartwatches can help to track your physical performance. It can be quite satisfying to know how many calories you have burned during a day of camping or hiking activity. You will have a better insight into your daily activities, whether you spend them at home, at work, or wilderness.

Get GPS-based navigations

If you spend time outside, beyond the coverage of a cellular network, it’s a good idea to get a smartwatch with built-in GPS capability. GPS is a much more helpful tool, compared to a compass and map. You can set up waypoints on your smartphone and transfer it to your smartwatch. You will get the direction and distance to your next waypoint. If mapping is an important feature to have, you may choose the Garmin Fenix with its superior battery life and built-in mapping software.

Get emergency assistance faster

Despite your preparation and precautions, the unexpected situation may still happen. Apple Watch comes with a built-in fall detection feature and it has been credited with helping certain individuals. When enabled before your hiking trip, first responders will be notified of your latest GPS coordinate when an abrupt fall is detected. If you are injured and your smartphone is out of reach, you can call someone, as long as the smartphone is within 100 feet. The Latest Samsung Galaxy Watch models also have similar features and you can also send an emergency signal with them by pressing the Home key three times. Garmin Fenix also comes with various safety tools, such as SOS messaging and incident detection. It also has the LiveTrack feature to update your family members and friends about your current GPS location.


Because the smartwatch is essentially a wearable computer, it is much more convenient to use than your smartphone. While out on the trail, it is not necessary to check your smartphone too often. If you get notifications from someone, it is as easy to take a glance at the display to get the information. With Google Assistant and Apple Siri, you can use verbal commands to get information about the weather forecast, the remaining distance to the next destination, temperature, altitude, and time of the day.

Physical monitoring

While hiking or camping, it is important to track your body condition. Smartwatch with a temperature sensor can warn you about the dropping core temperature, so you can immediately start a fire or wrap yourself. You will also be notified about sleep quality during camping, so you can decide whether you should rest longer to maintain your physical condition.