spot fake AirPods

Do you want to buy AirPods? But scared of getting fake ones. Read this article to know about the six easy ways to spot fake AirPods.

It is much simpler to have the items you want in this golden age of the internet. You can simply log on to the internet and place an order for almost anything you need. But then there are the scammers who just want to make some quick bucks by selling a replica of the thing that you wanted to buy.

In this article, we will talk about how to spot Fake AirPods. The demand for AirPods has been extremely high because they are not only fashionable but also convenient and long-lasting. Unluckily, phony versions of AirPods and knock-offs have also been cashing in on this demand. In addition, it is now noticeably more difficult to differentiate fake products from replicas. The buyer is the one who is responsible for conducting the truthfulness check. And if you happen to be that someone, then you’re in luck because we’ll show you different six ways to identify fake AirPods.

Short Battery Life Span

Even though AirPods are brand new, they do not have the same battery life as previous models. It does not matter if you use it for longer because it shows less charge. When completely charged, the AirPods Pro has a talk time of up to 3.5 hours and a playback time of up to 4.5 hours. In addition, a five-minute charge will give you enough power for one hour of listening or talking time. You won’t get that in the fake ones.

Verify the Serial Number

You should first check the serial number; you don’t even need to unpack the device at this point. This can be found on the product’s back label, and once you have it, you can enter it on Apple’s website. Some reports claim that this verification does not always work, and it appears that some counterfeiters from Apple use serial numbers that Apple identifies. As a result, it is sometimes required to break open the packaging and conduct a few tests.

Check the Diffuser

You can identify the sound diffuser on your AirPods as the extended rounded line located next to the circular IR sensor. It is necessary to properly align the sound diffuser with the black circle that is located next to it. Additionally, the sound diffuser of counterfeit AirPods would have visible grills, whereas the original piece would not have this feature. In addition, the grilles are not refined to a high degree, and they typically have a variety of irregular flat surfaces mixed in with the grills.

Check the Box Front

Most copycats get the body structure and shape of the flap right, but there’s a tiny point on the front of the AirPods case that’s difficult to replicate. That’s the LED light and, more specifically, the hole where it goes in. The LED light on a real AirPods Pro case is completely flush with the case. A light coating of clear plastic hides the LED, so the front of the case doesn’t have a hole. In that spot, fake AirPods Pro cases usually have a cutout instead. It’s easy to tell if the light in the picture is coming from the side, trying to hit the case. Also, when you open the original AirPods case and turn on the LED, you can see a very fixated, enclosed light. Since copycat products are, well, cheap, the light source will seep into the plastic case.

Examine the Accessories

At first glance, many of the counterfeit devices appear to be in working order, and all accessories are present. The prototype comes with all of the standard paperwork and instructions, as well as what appear to be real AirPods Pro, complete with housing, a lightning cable, and a variety of alternative plugs. Nevertheless, the confined instructions might cause some individuals to harbor suspicions: the print quality on the instructions is only average, and the type is illegible on the fake ones.

Check Functionality

The functionality test is the one that tells you the most. The issue is that, based on how good the fake is, the devices can sometimes do more things and sometimes do less. Active Noise Cancelation, which uses the AirPods’ high-quality microphones, is one of the Pro models’ most complicated features. In general, though, the people who make fake ones tend to save money on microphones. The fake AirPods sounds is so loud that it will scare you. The headphones are not good for phone calls. These fakes are so bad that they can’t even be used as a second device. They can only be returned or thrown away.

Final Words

The imitations have an annoyingly muddy and tinny tone. You shouldn’t anticipate much at the bottom end or sparkle in the highs. In fact, you shouldn’t anticipate much clarity. They also do not provide additional luxuries like active noise cancellation. Keeping all these reasons in mind our advice for you would be to always buy your air pods from authentic sources and if you find them a tad bit costly then you can always visit discount code websites like Topvoucherscode to get the best deal on your fresh new pair of Air Pods.