applee watch se 2

Later this year, it is likely that Apple will release its next smartwatch model, the Apple Watch SE 2. The first SE smartwatch was introduced a couple of years ago and the company is planning a successor. However, we shouldn’t expect much improvement compared to the original Apple Watch SE.

Design and size

It is said that Apple Watch SE 2 will have the same display size, compared to the current Apple Watch SE. At the moment, we still don’t know whether the SE2 will include always-on functionality. So, you shouldn’t expect radical changes in terms of visual appearance and size.


The original Apple Watch SE is powered by the S5 chip, similar to what we find in Apple Watch Series 5. It is rumoured that the Apple Watch Series SE 2 will have a similar processor to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. Based on benchmarks, the S6 chip is about 20 per cent faster compared to the S5.


The current Apple Watch SE doesn’t have ECG or blood oxygen measurement sensor. It is quite likely that the long-anticipated sensor for body temperature won’t be available with the Apple Watch SE 2. It is more likely that the Apple Watch SE 2 will have ECG or blood oxygen sensor instead. Both are helpful for highly active people or those with existing health issues.


Apple will soon get rid of the old Apple Watch Series 3 from its stores. The next budget model could be the Apple Watch SE 2, which is appropriate for anyone planning to get a low-cost smartwatch model. This means, the price tag should be similar to the original Apple Watch Series SE, which is available for $279.

Release date

Apple may release the Watch SE 2 in September this, if Apple follows a similar, compared to the previous year. The announcement event for iPhone 14 will be in a few weeks and Watch SE 2 could be unveiled as well.

There are many features that current Apple Watch SE users want to get in Watch SE 2. One of them is the always-on display, which is something that the original Watch SE lacks, compared to the regular Apple Watch model. Clearly, Apple wants this feature only for its more premium smartwatch models, but it only takes software changes to enable an always-on display. Apple Watch SE 2 would be more useful if it has a longer-lasting battery. Apple Watch SE has a slightly better battery life compared to the regular Apple Watch at one day and a half on a single charge. However, this still doesn’t match other smartwatch models. This makes Apple Watch SE still unsuitable for sleep tracking because you need to charge it every night. It will be useful if the SE 2 will have at least two days of battery life on a single charge. Because the SE 2 will be more appealing to the young generation, it should have flashier or more vibrant colour options. Current colour options for the original Apple Watch SE are space grey, silver and gold.