apple watch

Apple is known for its impressive innovations. They may not be the first maker of smartphones or smartwatches, but they know how to make these devices very appealing and highly functional. Apple Watch is among those high-tech wearable devices and it becomes a gadget that we typically saw in James Bond movies. Although you have been using the Watch for quite some time, there could be some features that you haven’t discovered yet.

Pin apps to side button

When navigating the user interface of your watch, you usually tap the display and slide your finger. You can do this faster by pinning favorite apps. Go to Watch app, then choose My Watch and tap Dock. Choose Favourites and save your preferred apps in the dock.

Get additional watch faces

There are a collection of default watch faces that you can choose, but if you want to personalize further, you may want to choose a 3rd party watch face. You can use Facer to get a third-party watch face for your Apple Face. Alternatively, you may make your own watch face with tools like Watch Faces, Watch Maker, or Watchsmith. However, you should be aware that Apple discourages the use of third-party or custom watch faces.

Unlock iPhone when wearing mask

You could be concerned that you are not able to use FaceID while wearing mask, which is a bit inconvenient on a crowded train or bus. Opening your iPhone with a passcode may also not be easy if you are wearing thick gloves during winter. If your Apple Watch uses watchOS 7.4 or newer, it is possible to unlock your device while wearing your mask on. In your Apple Watch, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Choose to enable “Swipe down to Unlock with Apple Watch”. Make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired with Bluetooth. As long as your Apple Watch is within range, your iPhone won’t be locked.

Hide notifications

Because your watch has a small display, it is not convenient to have too many notifications populating the screen. You may also want a bit of privacy and it is not a good thing if people can read your notifications when you raise your arm. Disabling notifications in your Apple Watch is easy to do. On your watch, go My Watch tab and choose Notification. Manually set turn-off notifications for specific apps.

Protect hearing

Our world is incredibly noisy and if you are living in an urban space, hearing decline may happen if you are exposed to loud noises all the time. If you have Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, you may configure it to detect any potentially harmful environmental noise. In the Watch app, go to the My Watch tab. Choose Noise and specify the maximum decibel level on Noise Threshold. When the surrounding location is too noisy, your Apple Watch will notify you to avoid prolonged exposure that may cause hearing problems. This could happen if you are in a loud pub or musical concert.

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