Smartwatch to Choose in 2022

As a wearable, GPS-equipped smartwatches are versatile and allow you to find a location or track your running distance. Any GPS device gets signals from more than one satellite and uses a multi-alteration technique to find a specific position. The user’s position can be tracked in real-time for accurate distance and speed tracking. In short, GPS technology is about knowing where you are. GPS is increasingly a basic feature found in many smartwatches and if you plan to buy one, here are some recommendations on finding a GPS-Equipped Smartwatch to Choose in 2022.

Children smartwatch

Parents who want to buy their children a smartwatch may look for an affordable and durable model. Apple Watch SE matches both requirements. As the most affordable Apple Watch model, it has a durable aluminium and full-featured operating system. You may choose a kid-friendly watch face and the interface is very easy for any child to use. For extra protection, you may get an additional case for the Apple Watch SE.

Running smartwatch

Garmin Forerunner 255S Music comes with lightweight plastic construction and it offers all the bells and whistles, related to your running activities. It is available for $399.99, but if you want a more affordable model, you could choose Garmin Forerunner 55, at just $200. As a Music model, the Forerunner 255S can store 500 songs, which can accompany you during running sessions.

Hiking smartwatch

It won’t be fun if you are lost during hiking trips. Suunto 9 with its GPS capability can help you find your way more easily, even when there’s no cellular coverage. There’s less worry about running out of battery juice because it could last 7 days when the Tour mode is enabled. With a stainless steel construction and sapphire crystal, you can be sure that Suunto 9 will remain durable during outdoor excursions.

Budget smartwatch

If money is your primary concern, Timex Ironman R300 is a decent choice for less than £100. Other than GPS functionality, you also get a heart rate sensor and touchscreen display. So, the Ironman R300 is quite impressive for the price. Without GPS enabled, the smartwatch may last for 25 days and a mere 20 hours if you leave GPS enabled all the time. It has good compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones.

Golf smartwatch

Priced at over £2000, the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition is a luxury smartwatch with plenty of relevant features for avid golfers. With 24-hour battery life, this smartwatch offers golf-related biometrics information, along with a sapphire crystal display and solid construction. With proper use, you can be a better golfer with Connected Calibre E4.

General smartwatch

The Apple Watch series is the market leader and it’s a generic selection for anyone who seeks a versatile device. It’s a perfect all-rounder and GPS is just a small part of all its functionalities. It is a natural companion if you are a loyal iPhone and iPad user. The 18-hour battery life is adequate for daily use and you can safely recharge it every night. There’s no worry that you will run out of battery life during your busy day.

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