Your smartwatch works great on its own, but it will achieve optimum potential when paired with your smartphone. You will get a plethora of additional features when both are properly paired. Unfortunately, there are cases Wear OS keeps disconnecting with smartphones and this could be caused by a number of reasons. When disconnected, calls, updates, and notifications will no longer be relayed to your smartwatch. It’s not an ideal scenario during a busy day when you need to continue communicating with others.

Make sure the Bluetooth connection is active

Check whether Bluetooth is enabled on both your smartphone and smartwatch. On your smartphone, it is as easy as dragging the notification channel and seeing whether Bluetooth is enabled. On your smartwatch, Bluetooth settings are usually in Settings > Connections.

Check airplane mode

When the airplane mode is enabled, cellular, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity will be turned off. Be sure that both devices don’t have airplane mode enabled.

Keep them in range

Because your smartwatch and smartphone require Bluetooth to maintain syncing and connection, be sure that they are in range. Make sure that the smartphone is always in your pocket or bag when traveling. If your phone and smartwatch are next to each other, but they still don’t connect, then there are other reasons why they don’t pair.

Reconnect on your smartphone

In many cases, the connection can be established on your smartphone. Make sure that the Wear OS app is installed on your smartphone. For Samsung Galaxy Watch, you need the Galaxy Wearable app to pair with a Wear OS smartwatch. On your smartphone, open the Wear OS app and go to the option by tapping the three-dot icon. Tap Connect and see whether the connection is re-established.

Keep companion apps running

If you want a reliable connection between your smartwatch and smartphone, be sure that the companion app is always running in the background. The companion app can be Wear OS or Galaxy Wearable, depending on the type of your device. If you choose to close all background apps to save battery life, you will close the companion as well. Manually close background apps, instead of closing them all at once.

Keep your smartwatch updated

If you still use an older version of Wear OS, it may have a glitch that causes occasional or frequent disconnects. Updating your smartwatch software also adds new features and removes other bugs, so it is something that you should do. Updating your smartwatch software is easy and you need to go to the Settings options of your Wear OS smartwatch. Scroll down the Settings page until you find an option to start the update. Make sure that you have a good Internet connection and enough battery life.

Factory reset

If you have used your smartwatch for a year or more, you may have installed some third-party apps and changed certain settings. There could be an unknown thing that can cause disconnections and other issues to occur. The factory reset should be your last resort because it will wipe apps, personal details, health tracking data, and others. Be sure to back up your data before resetting your smartwatch. Go to Settings > General and look for the Reset option.

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