Wear OS was first introduced in 2014 and it has been used on many smartwatch models, including Sony SWR50 SmartWatch 3 and Moto 360. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also uses Wear OS and the upcoming Pixel Watch will have the latest version of the mobile operating system. Although Wear OS sometimes feels like a let-down with its half-baked implementations, the release of the Pixel Watch may finally bring a lot of improvements and fixes for future Wear OS versions. If you are a regular Wear OS user, here are a few things to know:

Don’t assume all Wear OS devices are equal

While you can expect how an Apple Watch will be in terms of appearance, performance, and usability, the same can’t be said with Wear OS smartwatches. There are many options out there with varying features, form factors, and designs. If you have been using a Wear OS smartwatch for quite some time, you may plan to replace it with a new Wear OS smartwatch model. So, it is important that you don’t buy the wrong smartwatch model that doesn’t match your requirements and preferences.

Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best features that you need to use more frequently if you wear a smartwatch. In fact, Google Assistant is more useful on a smartwatch than on a smartphone, due to the significantly smaller screen. When wearing a smartphone, you can activate Google Assistant by starting a command with the “OK Google” phrase. However, this feature works only if your smartwatch has a microphone and speaker. Be aware that Google Assistant will drain battery life quicker, so you shouldn’t use this feature too often if your smartwatch has limited battery life.

Download apps and watch faces

One good thing about Wear OS is its customization ability. You can download many apps and watch faces. As a comparison, you could only choose watch faces provided by Apple, if you use an Apple Watch. Depending on your personality and situation, you may choose a more appropriate watch face. With Apple Watch, you will miss out on plenty of many useful third-party options. Proper apps should add extra functionality to your Wear OS smartwatch and this operating system is useful for those who like to tinker with their devices more.

Pin favorite apps

Due to its small size and low resolution, smartwatch displays can be fiddly to use. If you want to tap an important app, it can be difficult to choose it from a long list of installed apps. If you have a couple of most-used apps, be sure to pin them.

Stop accepting too many notifications

Accepting endless notifications on your smartwatch is inconvenient due to its very small display. This will also make you run out of battery life very quickly, especially because your smartwatch has a very small battery. If you think that these notifications are a nuisance, you could disable them completely, especially if you start getting irrelevant information from third-party service providers.

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