poco watch

Poco Watch is Pocophone’s debut in the smartwatch marketplace and the brand is known for its affordable, yet decent smartphones. If Pocophone brings its well-known tradition to the smartwatch market, users can definitely benefit from it. Despite being a budget smartwatch, it comes with a variety of features, such as a step counter and exercise tracking.

Price and availability

Poco Watch is available in the United Kingdom for £79.99 or about $100, which is quite affordable for a smartwatch. The company doesn’t normally sell its devices in Australia, Europe, and the United States. But it obviously has good availability in many Asian countries. Wherever it is available, Poco Watch will certainly undercut its more expensive alternatives from Samsung and Apple. If you are on the hunt for a capable and affordable smartwatch, Oppo Watch is certainly a model to consider.

Design and Display

poco display

Straps of the Poco Watch are removable, although the button to release them is rather difficult to depress. Alternative straps are available in black, navy, or beige version. Poco Watch is quite comfortable to wear because it’s quite light at about 30 grams with the straps. Because they are made of TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, straps are not irritating compared to rubber straps. If you have sensitive skin, Poco Watch is certainly a better choice. Like the Apple Watch, the body of the Poco Watch is square, but it certainly lacks the design flair. On its right side, you can find a physical button, which is rather hard to press. Despite its lightweight material, the square chassis of the smartwatch feels hardy and durable. Unless you fall over and the smartwatch hits the pavement first, you won’t damage its face. The 1.6-inch display has an AMOLED panel and 360×320, which has a good resolution for showing content and navigational element.


Despite its proprietary operating system, the overall design of the interface looks generally similar to WearOS, HarmonyOS, or WatchOS. To bring up notifications, you need to swipe down the main screen. If you swipe to the sides, you can access music controls, weather reports, and health monitors through a carousel. If you want to see the apps list, you can press the device’s home button, but you need to get used to it, because app icons don’t have labels. There’s no information about the device’s processor and RAM, but the interface feels smooth and responsive.

Battery life

With its rather slender thickness, you may not expect that the body houses a very big battery. Even so, the Poco Watch offers about two-week of battery life on a single charge, if you use the device occasionally. If you constantly use Poco Watch, it won’t last as long.


Poco Watch is an excellent device to choose from if you want something long-lasting. It will outlast many of the competitors, especially the Apple Watch with its single-day battery life. At around $100, Poco Watch is certainly affordable. However, this smartwatch isn’t designed for exercise enthusiasts and its stats can be inadequate for those looking to monitor their performance closely.

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