Watch S1 is the current high-end smartwatch from Xiaomi and it comes with plenty of improvements over the previous models. This smartwatch is supposed to be a jack of all trades that cover some basic areas.


Xiaomi S1 has a stainless-steel case, which is both stylish and robust. The case is hand-polished by traditional craftsmen, making Watch S1 a premium wearable that certain buyers may consider. With its leather strap, the Xiaomi S1 weighs about 65 grams, which is heavier than competing models with plastic case, like Huawei Watch GT Runner. There are a couple of physical buttons on the side of the case with good pressure point. Underneath these buttons, there’s a small speaker, while at the opposing side, there’s an opening for microphone. 


The 1.43-inch display is protected by sapphire glass to prevent scratching, but it’s still prone to fingerprints. Due to the lack of oleophobic layer, the display still looks dull after you wipe it. The OLED panel has excellent black levels and crisp colours, which is the highlight of the device. Everything on the display looks nicely sharp and viewing angles are more than adequate. Unfortunately, the maximum brightness is insufficient for proper usage under direct sunlight. 


It is definitely convenient to have a responsive smartwatch, but unfortunately, Xiaomi hasn’t revealed any detailed information about the SoC and RAM of Xiaomi S1. Fortunately, there’s no stutter when the smartwatch is being fully used. Switching between pages should be very smooth and you can easily scroll through apps and menus. The system won’t stutter even after a number of quick inputs. 

Voice Assistant

S1’s voice assistant is powered by Amazon Alexa, which can support direct voice command. The smartwatch comes with a corresponding Alexa app to allow Voice Assistant feature to work properly. Although the assistant works smoothly, results are displayed on the display only and there’s no voice output, despite the presence of speaker. 

Health and fitness

Xiaomi Watch S1 is equipped with 117 training modes, including swimming, cycling and jogging. If desired, you may set the smartwatch to detect your type of activity automatically. Running distance can be tracked via GNSS and there’s a barometer to track the altitude of your area. When running, you can get a wealth of information, including stride rate, steps, pulse rate and pace. With every kilometre completed, you will get a status update. With the ability to withstand 5 atm of water pressure, you can safely wear the smartwatch while swimming.  

Battery life

If you don’t enable always-on display and sports tracking, the Xiaomi S1 could last for a week with a single charger. But if you enable them along with GPS tracking, the smartwatch may last for up to three days. It’s a realistic scenario to wear Xiaomi constantly for sleep and fitness tracking. For better convenience, Xiaomi S1 offers Qi wireless charging. It takes slightly more than an hour to go from 10 percent to full charge. During charging, the always-on display is temporarily disabled to speed up the charging process.

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