Many consumers want a smartwatch that isn’t just an ordinary smartwatch. Many have different preferences and they want a device that suits them well for different situations and activities. It isn’t uncommon for people to have multiple smartwatches. They may go to the gym with a smartwatch with a sportier design and go to work with a professional-oriented model that stores more business-related information and contacts. If you want something basic and less complicated, Polar Pacer Pro could be a good choice:


Polar Pacer Pro is a simple smartwatch in terms of design. The case is plastic with five buttons on the edge and aluminum bezels. Weighing only 40 grams, the Pacer Pro is very flexible and comfortable with its silicon strap. The 1.2-inch display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.0 against typical scratches. It also has a decent backlight that makes Pacer Pro usable under direct sunlight. If you prefer a smartwatch with a more basic look, the Pacer Pro is a perfect choice. The silicone strap and the backside of the case keep you comfortable. They won’t cause unwanted skin reactions, although you wear Pacer Pro on a hot, humid day.


Although the interface of Pacer Pro is generally basic with simple colors and lines, it is still solidly functional. You can move through the navigation with multiple buttons. Because the display of Pacer Pro lacks, it will add to an overall retro feel of the device. Compared to earlier Polar smartwatches, the Pacer Pro comes with extra RAM and a stronger processor, which makes the device feel easier and snappier to use. Despite being a more basic smartwatch model, there are many features that you can get. It works well for any exercise-oriented individual because you will get information on calories burned, pace, distance, and heart rate. However, you need to use Pacer Pro for a number of days, before you can get meaningful information. Useful information is presented as graphs and you can get plenty of granular details as well. If you don’t find number-heavy information off-putting, you would love to use Pacer Pro.


It is estimated that Pacer Pro will give you about seven days of battery life with normal usage with GPS connectivity enabled. Polar officially claims that the Pacer Pro will last for 35 hours if you enable the heart rate sensor and GPS at the same time for running sessions. Unfortunately, the charging rate is rather slow and you need a little more than two hours to fully charge the device. The charger has a magnetic element that can make the charging process more convenient.

Pricing and conclusion

The Polar Pacer Pro is available for about $300. There are four different color options, including Autumn Maroon (Red), Snow White (White), Midnight Blue (Blue), and Carbon Gray (Black). In terms of design, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the Polar Pacer Pro, but it’s a good device if you are just transitioning from a regular mechanical wristwatch. Even so, Pacer Pro is far less intimidating than Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch 7, if you are unfamiliar with more complex features and interface.

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