Google has officially announced the future arrival of Pixel Watch and it is currently the most anticipated device in the smartwatch market. The company unveiled its upcoming wearable on May 11 during its I/O developer keynote. After tears of supposed cancellations, delays, rumors and leaks, we have a pretty good idea of what this device really is.


We have little details about what’s the internal specifications of Pixel Watch will be. Earlier reports suggest that it will use Exynos 9110, which is a rather outdated chipset with a couple of Cortex-A53 cores built with 10nm process. Even so, it’s more efficient than newer chipsets, making it more suitable for the smaller battery pack inside smartwatches. In the meantime, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be equipped by Exynos W920, which will certainly beat Exynos9110 in terms of overall performance. It’s also worth mentioning that we will have USB-C charging port on Pixel Watch, which will add to its versatility.


During its I/O 2022, Google has offered the first official glimpse on the Pixel Watch and we finally know how it will look like. Its circular face seems to float on the band and it’s called as domed design. It has a crown that allows you to navigate through the user interface and there’s a single physical button as well. There are three colour options for the casing, gold, black and grey, while the bands will be lime green, grey and black. There’s no confirmation whether there will be steel or aluminium case, but we shouldn’t be too surprised to see them.


Pixel Watch will run the latest version of Wear OS, which will have an improved user interface. It will be a better way to interact with various notifications. Pixel Watch will work seamlessly with Google Assistant, so you can ask information and say verbal commands directly to the device. During the keynote, we were told that there will be a version of Pixel Watch with LTE connectivity. Other features of the new Wear OS version are still under the wraps, which surely adds new capabilities. We should still get more information about Wear OS as we are closing to the official release date. One missing feature in Wear OS is the ability to dictate text using Google Assistant. If Google adds such feature to the new Wear OS version, it will be a huge improvement in terms of usability.

Pricing and Availability

It is believed that Pixel Watch will be priced between $300 and $400. This places Pixel Watch in the same league with other well-known smartwatch models on the market, including Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7. We still don’t get any confirmation about this, but it’s a realistic pricing for a smartwatch with such specifications and capabilities. FCC website has confirmed that there will be two versions of the Pixel Watch, one with only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while another has an extra LTE connectivity. So, we can expect that the LTE-capable will be the more expensive of the two. Google often limits the availability of its Pixel smartphones, so we can expect that Pixel Watch will be available initially in select markets.

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