how to extend battery life

With the eventual arrival of the Pixel Watch, it appears that the Wear OS is catching up. Apple Watch is still dominating the smartwatch market and it will face tougher competition in coming years. Just like Android turned mobile phones into mobile computing devices, Wear OS does the same with your digital wristwatch. You can install apps, reply to notifications and take calls. Despite offering a feature-rich platform, Wear OS smartwatches are known for their disappointing battery life. Here are 8 tips on how to extend the battery life of your wear OS smartwatch:

Disable Always-on feature

It is certainly convenient to let the display of your smartwatch constantly be turned on. However, it has a direct impact on battery life. If you don’t allow the display to sleep after a period of time, it will drain the battery. Go to Settings>Display. Disable the Always-On Display option.

Enable Auto-Brightness feature

If you keep the brightness level high while you are indoors, it will affect your battery life as well. While you are outdoor, you need a high brightness level, so it will be readable. Enabling auto-brightness is also convenient because you don’t need to constantly adjust the brightness level. Go to Settings>Display. Enable the Auto-Brightness option.

Use a simpler watch face

A watch face may contain multiple elements, such as heart rate, activity data, weather, time, and date. However, each additional element will drain your battery life. Choose a simpler watch face to extend your battery life. Tap and hold the watch face to show available watch face options. Choose the simplest watch face that contains the fewest elements.

Disable GPS

The built-in GPS feature can help you navigate and track workouts with the Maps app. However, it is not necessary to keep your GPS feature enabled. Go to Settings>Location. Disable the GPS option.

Disable Wake-Up gestures

Your Wear OS smartwatch can detect certain hand movements to turn the display. Again, you will drain battery life if the feature is enabled. In some cases, you may accidentally turn on the display when you move your hand above the display. Go to Settings>Display. Disable “Raise wrist to wake up”.

Disable automatic health monitoring

One of the most important features of smartwatches is fitness and health tracking. If you have Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it may track blood pressure, SpO2 levels, and heart rate. If you don’t need automatic health tracking at the moment, it is recommended to disable the feature to save battery life. Depending on your smartwatch model, open the health monitoring app to disable all the tracking features.

Speed up time out duration

Set a shorter duration for the display of your screen, so it will turn off more quickly when you no longer need it. Go to Settings>Display. Go to the Screen timeout option, and choose time-out duration, preferably anything less than 30 seconds.

Enable battery saver feature

If the battery life of your smartwatch is running low, you can extend it to an hour or longer by enabling the battery saver mode. Go to Settings>Battery. Enable the Power saving option.

Hope you find these tips useful on how to extend the battery life of your wear OS smartwatch.

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