Fossil smartwatches have been the mainstay of Wear OS and if you prefer to use the software, you could consider a Fossil smartwatch. Fortunately, Google is renewing its focus on the development of the software, due to the upcoming release of the Pixel Watch. Fossil Gen 7 will be the next smartwatch model from Fossil and here are a few additions that we should expect:

Wear OS 3

It’s an obvious addition that we get from Fossil Gen 7. Other than Fossil, Samsung is also a regular user of Wear OS 3. By the time Pixel Watch rolls out, Wear OS 3 should be available in many new smartwatches as well, including Fossil Gen 7. Google promises that Wear OS 3 will come with many new features and faster overall performance. 

Longer battery life

Among its major deficiencies, Fossil smartwatches are not known for their good battery life. The Wear OS 2 is a battery-hungry operating system. Earlier Fossil smartwatches also have small batteries and inefficient chipsets. The combination of these three factors result in poor battery life in many situations. Mobvoi has addressed this issue by stuffing a larger battery into TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra and other smartwatch models. With 3 days of battery life, it’s quite impressive for a Wear OS smartwatch and it’s something that Fossil should consider. However, a larger battery will only do so much and a better solution is to improve the overall efficiency. It will also be helpful if the Fossil Gen 7 will have fast charging capability.

Built-in LTE connectivity

Fossil already released an LTE variant for Fossil Gen 5, but it’s only certain network carriers, specifically Verizon in the United States. Curiously, the company no longer offers an LTE-capable variant for Gen 6 model. An LTE connectivity ensure convenience in many situations, because smartwatch will get information and updates through their wearables. There will be no need to pair the smartwatch with your smartphone, which will turn your wearable into a dedicated device.

More size and style options

For people with smaller wrists, they need a smartwatch design with smaller case. Earlier Fossil smartwatches were available only in one size option. Fossil Gen 5E has a smaller design, but at the expense of certain feature. Fossil Gen 6 has two case sizes, 44mm and 42mm. it will be quite convenient if there’s a third size option for Fossil Gen 7, preferably with an even smaller size.

More fitness tracking features

With each new generation, smartwatches are getting more sophisticated and capable. We already have sensors that provide good overview about our physical and at certain degree, our mental health. With its Gen 6 model, Fossil has stepped things up with SpO2 sensor. However, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has BIA sensor that provides an information about our body composition. In terms of fitness tracking capabilities, Samsung is leading with its complete solutions, including blood pressure monitoring and ECG. Fossil already has a good sleep tracking solution and it should catch up in other fitness tracking capabilities.

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