After months of leaked photos and rumours, we finally get an official confirmation from Google about its Pixel Watch. Although the recent announcement is only a tease, instead of a full reveal, it’s still a positive confirmation, from the company. The smartwatch will arrive alongside Google’s upcoming smartphone model, the Pixel 7, later his fall. Leaked photos are proven to be reasonably accurate and the Pixel Watch does have a domed and circular design, with its side button and tactile crown. The proprietary bands are swappable and the body is made of stainless steel. It will come with the new Wear OS 3 operating system, with its refreshed user interface. The Wear OS 3 comes offers smart notifications and better navigation.

If you want a standalone connectivity, you can choose a Pixel Watch variant with cellular network support. Software-wise, there will be the usual Google services and apps, such as Gmail and Google Maps, with optimized interface to match the small display of the Pixel Watch. It is also possible to perform wireless transactions seamlessly with Google Wallet. Google has acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion and without doubt, there will be excellent integration with existing or upcoming Fitbit devices. First of all, users will be able to customize watch faces. Syncing with your Fitbit account should be very easy to do. You can check data using web browser or the dedicated Fitbit app. Fitbit is known for its excellent fitness and health solutions, so this capability will be brought to the Pixel Watch as well.

(Image courtesy of Google)

During the acquisition process, regulators required that data between Google and Fitbit environments are kept separate and private to ensure better security and privacy. It’s a major concern, because many current Fitbit users didn’t expect to have their information stored and used by Google. Even so, following the acquisition, engineers from Fitbit have been working closely with Google in the development of the Pixel Watch. Fitbit will continue to release future smartwatch and fitness tracker models, because they still a have a strong customer base in the industry.

Google said that the Pixel Watch will be a premium-priced product, so it may not be suitable for users of entry-level devices. Although not yet confirmed, Pixel Watch will require at least Android 8 for smartphone integration. Also, you will need an existing Google account for that integration to happen. Google was still tight-lipped about the hardware specs of Pixel Watch. However, it is quite clear that Google is trying to include a smartwatch into its ecosystem, just like what Apple did with its Apple Watch. Native Google services and Fitbit integration will make Pixel Watch a quite interesting solution, compared to Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch series.

However, Google needs to make Wear OS 3 reliable, because previous versions had a number of noteworthy bugs. It paled in comparison with software solutions from Apple, Fitbit and Garmin. The Apple Watch 8 will run watchOS 9, which will surely be a relatively solid wearable platform, similar to earlier versions.

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