Can you recall when you heard about the Apple Glasses? I must admit that it feels like decades or at least that’s how it appears. The birth of Apple Glasses dates back to 2015- or better said, this is when the Patent detailing software and hardware can be tracked. One thing is clear, we may have to wait a little longer than anticipated. Judging by the current circulating rumors, we may not have a chance to wear Apple Glasses until 2023-or even later.

For the past months, we have been getting big reports detailing a possible launch and features. This article, therefore, is about everything we’ve gathered concerning Apple Glasses.

Let’s start by looking at how much Apple AR glasses will cost you upon release. At this juncture, we cannot predict the cost of Apple Glasses, however, rumors have it that the price will start from $499-it’s also important to mention that this will not include any prescription charges. At the same time, there are many conflicting arguments regarding the cost of Apple Glasses. For this reason, we could see a much higher price tag for this product.

The Apple Glasses Release data:

For many years now, we’ve been hearing about the possible Apple Glasses launch, and it is becoming increasingly clear that it might take longer than expected. For those of us who are familiar with Apple, then you know that the company attempts to release products swiftly after showing them off. When it comes to Apple Glasses, it’s a completely different story. Recent, reports, however, suggest that Apple’s MR headset could see the light of day in 2022. We then can only assume that the Apple Glasses will be released much later.

You could be reading this article and you’re wondering what is augmented reality (AR)? Let me explain… I presume you’re familiar with the concept of virtual reality? Remember the concept of virtual reality, for example, means popping on a headset, and by the support of software, you get to enjoy an interactive virtual world. In other words, it’s a simulated experience that can feel similar or completely different from what you experience in the real world.

Augmented reality (AR) is related to virtual reality in so many ways with only one huge difference. AR is an enhanced version of the real world (physical world) but this time it’s achieved through the use of digital virtual elements like screens or transparent lenses. Seeing the world augmented is a rather interesting innovation. AR would let us get context-sensitive digital information in our day-to-day routines. In the context of transportation, it means that you will look at a subway station and access train schedules displayed.

Why would Apple be interested in making AR glasses?

Apple ranks top as one of the most valuable brands worldwide. Since the launch of ARKit, it was Apple’s way of declaring dominance in the augmented reality landscape. Ideally, ARKit is a new set of APIs intended to allow developers to build AR applications for Apple devices. The idea behind this approach is that developers can integrate Apple products with information to overlay virtual objects in the physical world.

Part of this answers the question: why would Apple make augmented reality glasses? Apple ARKit has already spearheaded the augmented reality landscape. It had long been declared that the real future of Apple’s AR would be AR glasses. Here is another way to look at why Apple is interested in launching a new product category to maintain its competitiveness in the technology space. Augmented reality is somewhat an interesting new area, and one in which Apple would have a competitive edge considering the present mainstream and consumer focus. According to Tim Cook Apple’s CEO, the future of augmented reality is bright as he once said the technology might become as common and I quote “eating three meals a day.” It’s high time we start to imagine the technology because considering the rate at which we are advancing, it will happen and it will happen big.

In summary, AR glasses will not be launched without competition. Currently, there are several AR glasses on the market from companies like Vue and Epson. However, it is important to say that many of the AR glasses on the market are served by big businesses. What makes AR glasses unique? There were rumors that these glasses might come in smaller and could easily be mistaken for regular glasses. In the meantime, let’s wait patiently and see what Apple got in store for us.

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