Apple has done remarkably well in promoting the well-being of people across the world. The internet is not short of testimonials of people who claim that the Apple Watch saved or improved their overall well-being. Interestingly, each new Apple Watch comes with more advanced features, designed with health in mind.

This article lists different ways you can get healthy with an Apple Watch.

Access Your Health Information

The Health app in your iPhone can enable you to enter your health information and access it on your watch. It is straightforward to set this up. You only need to open the Health app on your phone and click the profile picture in the upper-right corner. By tapping the health details, you can link crucial information regarding your health. For instance, you can connect your medical history and medications.

Track Your Exercises

Exercises have become an essential part of our daily life. People are encouraged to engage in physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Modern life can be hectic as most people struggle to keep up with the high demands of life. Despite how busy it gets, it’s essential to find time for workout. If you want to track your workouts, this is where Apple Watch comes in handy. It helps you keep track of such activities as distance walked, calories burned, and other important health information. I.e., information regarding your hearing or heart activities.

You can Access Your COVID-19Vaccination Card.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, peoples’ life has been profoundly affected around the globe. But, slow and sure, the world is getting back on its feet amid the coronavirus. Although there is no tested or obvious path back to ‘normality,’ things are somehow getting back to the way they were before the pandemic. We have experienced so much over the past two years, and I don’t want to bore you with pandemic-related stories. But perhaps you need to know that you can store a verifiable COVID-19 card in the Wallet app on your Apple Watch.

Monitor Your Cardiovascular Activities

You may check your heart rate at any moment using the built-in Heart Rate app. Perhaps you’re wondering how this works. When you open the app, it will calculate your current heart rate. The good news is that measurements are taken and shown periodically.

The app does several things. It displays your current rate and other specific rates determined by your activities. Alternative apps that offer the same functionality include HeartWatch, Heart Analyzer, and Cardiogram, to mention a few. 

Protect Your Hearing

Health experts will tell you that consistent noises can damage your ears and even lead to hearing loss. Therefore, the Noise app’s primary purpose is to help you monitor surrounding noises and warn you if the noise is beyond the average level. With just a simple setup, iPhone or watch initiates Environmental Sound Measurements that start monitoring noise levels.

Track Sleep

You may have heard that good sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health. Insufficient sleep is a significant problem in today’s contemporary world. It’s shocking to realize that sleep causes death, including accidents, cerebrovascular diseases, and hypertension. To combat these prevailing challenges, Apple finally launched its sleep tracker. The app does the following: It helps you prepare for sleep, reveals your sleeping patterns, and displays data about how much sleep you get during the night.

Detect falls and enquire for help

This is one of those features that invited a lot of talks since its debut. When the Apple Watch Series 4 came out, people had mixed reactions concerning its functionality. But I believe falling is not a laughing matter, particularly for the elderly. People have commended this feature for saving lives since it launches. 

But how does it work, you might ask. The fall detection features work by triggering an alarm if you fall. A push notification is sent to you asking if you’re OKAY. This is where it gets interesting. If the watch doesn’t detect movement and you don’t respond to the push notification, it calls for emergency services.

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