If you asked any person to name the finest watches, you can guess to hear familiar names like Rolex. Swiss watches are famous for precision and craftsmanship. However, in reality, Apple is the leader in the market. For example, research declared Apple the leader of wristwear in 2020, making more sales than any other Swiss brand. The increased sales by Apple can be attributed to the arrival of Series 7. Even as we anticipate the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8, this article answers the question: Is it worth buying Series 7 in 2022?

Versatility is likely the explanation. The Swiss watches, as aforementioned, are famous for their craftsmanship. However, Apple has placed the bar higher due to the functionality of their Watches. Apple watches have made our life easier because they can text and boost our health (monitor sleep and heartbeat). These are features that a few brands offer. 

Although the new model is merely an improvement over the Series 6, Apple isn’t looking to redesign something that is arguably performing well. The Series 7 is the prominent and advanced watch in the market as we await the launch of the Series 8. Apple has integrated more health functionality with a few new colors. The question therefore remains. Is it worthwhile to purchase?

Let’s Look at Price

The price of the smallest model (41mm) will cost you £369, while the price of the 45mm model can cost you not less than £399. You can purchase cellular variants of the device, which play a significant role. They allow you to link to your phone’s data network, allowing you to receive notifications. With the cellular versions, the prices change to £469 and £499, respectively.


Have you heard of the idiom “The bigger the better?” Apple concurs, thus increasing the Watch’s size by 20 percent over its predecessor. If you had the Series 7, you might find Series 7 to be substantially larger on your wrist, but you will get used to it. However, you will in no time come to love/like the larger screen. You will also notice that the Series 7 it’s substantially brighter). 

The larger screen comes with multiple benefits. Thanks to the larger screens, Apple was able to integrate a touch-sensitive keyboard in the device-this allows you to send brief messages while at a go. However, the screen isn’t large enough, and it is somewhat challenging to type while on the move.

Battery Life

As an analyst of Apple products, Apple hasn’t done much in improving battery life. The Series 7 has an 18 hours battery life, the same as its predecessor. However, according to Apple, because of the magnetic charging that comes with it, it charges 33 percent faster. Remember, the USB-C cable will require an appropriate wall plug, which Apple does not provide. 

Apple Watch Series 7- Health Features

Health information technology presents endless opportunities for improving and transforming healthcare which includes but is not limited to reducing human errors and tracking data over time. Apple has spearheaded in this front by introducing devices to enhance our overall health. 

Apple’s health tracking tools are fantastic for looking for basic stats like time spent during a workout or calories burned. However, we still think people looking to work out in extreme conditions deserve a more improved device. 

To motivate you to get involved in outdoor activities, you’ll be tasked with closing three rings each day. Let me explain-One ring will be responsible for calories, another one for the total activity involved, and lastly for tracking time spent on your feet. The three rings are designed to motivate you to get out of the house because the results are a rewarding system. Furthermore, data is stored to help you keep track of your growth.

Final Thoughts

We had a great time with the Watch Series 7 and found that the added health functions motivated us to get more active.

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