The Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch that is trending in the market. With its simple and elegant design, it looks much more like a traditional watch than an electronic device. Its features make it so light and comfortable that we can wear it at all times of the day.  Galaxy Watch 4 bands is compatiable with a 20mm watch straps, Hemsut watch bands provides very cool replace straps option for SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH4 and ACTIVE2, check if you want to get one.

First we will show you its specifications, and then we will talk in detail about this elegant smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specifications

  • SUPER AMOLED touch screen.
  • Suitable for app downloading.
  • Call management.
  • Plays audio and video.
  • Resistant up to 50 m underwater.

With integrated GPS.

  • Battery life of 40 hours.

Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

  • 16 GB internal memory capacity.
  • Sensors included: accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, ecg sensor, ambient light sensor, geomagnetic sensor, optical ppg heart rate sensor, bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor.
  • Mesh interchangeable for other colors.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Design and structure

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two versions, the standard and the classic. They are internally the same in terms of functions, and only the external design varies slightly.

In both versions its structure and design make it very comfortable to wear and intuitive to use. This smartwatch integrates seamlessly with other devices so it can be used and configured easily. In addition to this the watch has the option to customize it in numerous ways to suit our own style and preferences using the Galaxy Wearable app.

The external body of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is made of stainless steel with a polished finish (in the case of the standard version 4 it is aluminum). Its entire surface is very pleasant to the touch and clearly shows that this is a high-end device.

The display of this watch is a 1.36-inch SuperAMOLED display. It has a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, which means a pixel density of 330 pixels per inch. A valuable detail is that it is protected by Gorilla Glass DX.

Its touch screen has the typical gestures so that depending on where you drag with your finger, notifications or apps are opened. You can navigate through the various functions of the watch using the physical buttons it has on its side.

The two side buttons are, the first and uppermost to return to the home screen by touching it once, or by touching it twice allows us to access a customizable action. The bottom button serves the function of turning on the screen or view recently used apps. The buttons also allow access to the ECG function or body mass index measurement.

On the right side of the watch body are the microphones, on the left the speaker.  With these, we can hear and answer calls, hear notifications and music.

Behind the watch are their respective sensors, and on its edges the classic rotating bezel inherited from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Functions

This watch has all the basic functions that today’s smartwatches offer: sports activities, NFC payments, notifications etc. But the strength of this product is the number of sensors it has.

Among the main functions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 we find the blood oxygen saturation monitor. This indicator is key to assess our overall well-being, from our wrist we can check this parameter at any time of the day.

Another important data that this smartwatch measures is sleep. With its sleep monitoring function we can better know our sleeping habits to evaluate our sleep quality and have higher energy levels during the day.

To record sports and training sessions this watch is very accurate, as it has integrated GPS. The variety of sports that this smartwatch records is 100 different sports modes.


The performance of this device is something to highlight. With its Wear OS operating system and Samsung customization layer the user experience is fantastically smooth.

The watch has 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage to store our favorite music and all the apps we like to download from the Google Play Store, (yes, this smartwatch has the ability to connect directly to this store!).

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a controversial point. Unlike other watches that can last a week or two without touching the charger, this smartwatch may require charging on a daily basis.

The watch battery varies depending on the body size of the watch, in the larger models (44 and 46 mm, standard or Classic) have 361 mAh, while the smaller models (40 and 42 mm) stay at 247 mAh. It is calculated as a maximum of a day and a half of autonomy. The watch is charged wirelessly with a base provided with the watch.

To conclude

This watch is a great smartwatch with its strengths and weaknesses, it will be best used by Samsung mobile users, since users of other brands will have the feeling that they can not take full advantage of it. All in all it is an excellent smartwatch that will leave its users more than satisfied.