Fossil Gen 6 is another high-end smartwatch with various features, including the blood oxygen sensor. However, the Fossil Gen 6 isn’t really a fitness-dedicated device, Instead, it is a device for any individual who wants to wear a proper smartwatch. If you crave for a decent and balanced experience, you should consider choosing a Fossil Gen 6. The device runs the Wear OS version 2.32 and it still carries over the original design of the earlier Fossil smartwatches. Boasting a beautiful AMOLED display, the device has two size options, 44mm and 42mm. There are also three buttons on the side. Various strap options include stainless steel, silicone and leather. Inside, there is a Qualcomm chipset, as well as pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen level. The heart rate sensor module can help you monitor cardiovascular health.


Fossil Gen 6 combines the modern and timeless designs of previous models. The overall design looks more neutral, so it is suitable for both rugged outdoor adventurers and fashionable users. The stainless-steel smartwatch has a somewhat plain shape with somewhat rounded appearance. The 44mm case comes with raised guards and center button, while the 42mm case doesn’t have that. The physical buttons offer proper feedback. Although the display is quite bright, you may still find it difficult to see under the sun. For the 44mm case, there are two different color options, smoke stainless and black. The black model has three strap options, camo green, brown leather and black silicone. The smoke stainless model has stainless-steel strap.

Health and fitness tracking

As a generalist’s smartwatch, the Fossil Gen 6 is useful for health-conscious buyers. As an example, the Gen 6 works really well for handling runs and walks. However, there are some limitations that you need to be aware of. As an example, the Fossil Gen 6 is unable to track certain activities like weight lifting, rowing or biking. The tracking features are built around the generic Google Fit app, which is somewhat simplistic for tracking activities. The Gen 6 also has built-in GPS feature, so you can use it without a smartphone in your pocket while running, walking or travelling. Although there are some inaccuracies in tracking distances and locations, you still have a general idea about your location and exercise performance. The SpO2 sensor is a new addition to the Gen 6, which is a good improvement in this pandemic-affected world.


Inside, you will find the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chipset, which ensures good performance. Other than the new SpO2 and heart rate sensors, you can also benefit from the faster-charging batteries. At the moment, the Gen 6 still has Wear OS 2 and users will get Wear OS 3 version in 2022. Priced at around $299, depending on the model and material, the Fossil Gen 6 can be affordable or expensive depending on your budget. Fossil is playing it safe by ensuring the that Gen 6 will appeal to a wider audience. Whether you are an outdoorsy or fashion-conscious user, this smartwatch is probably for you.