Apple has promised that the upcoming Watch Series 7 will be more colourful device with larger display and tougher design. It is sensible to expect a few worthwhile upgrades, compared to the Watch Series 6 and here’s what we know so far.

Release date

Apple confirmed that the Watch Series 7 will be available before winter, probably around this year’s shopping seasons. It is quite normal to expect a September release, but it’s not a complete guarantee. The iPhone 12 Pro Max and its smallest sibling, the iPhone 12 Mini was released in November last year. Back in 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X in November. Colour options will include green, blue, midnight, starlight, and red aluminium.


Priced at $399, the Apple Watch Series 7 is more expensive than most smartwatches, but it is still acceptable for loyal Apple fans. During a September event, we also heard that the company will release an aluminium version. Because the Watch Series 6 is also priced originally at $399, it is clearly a direct replacement. There’s a version of Watch Series 6 with 40mm stainless steel case, cellular connection and GPS connectivity, sold at $700. An even more expensive model is priced at $800 with titanium case.


Apple’s Watch models get new internal hardware each year, just like the iPhone. However, Apple didn’t announce anything about the exact hardware used for the Watch Series 7. Some trustworthy sources in the industry revealed that the Series 7 will still use the same internal hardware for the Series 6. Considering that the Series 6 performs rather well, Apple may still consider using the same processor.


You should expect that the Watch Series 7 will feature an always-on screen and the brightness is enough to make the interface fully visible under the sun. It will be very convenient if the Watch Series 7 features a built-in sensor to automatically adjust the brightness. Apple has confirmed that the Watch Series 7 will have a bigger display, about 50 percent larger than the display of Series 3 or 20 percent larger than the Series 6’s. However, we still don’t know about the actual size of the display. The Watch Series 6 with 40mm case has 759 square millimetre display, while the 44mm case model has 368 x 448 resolution with 977 square millimetre area.


In addition, there’s still no information about the actual storage of the Watch Series 7. Because both the Watch Series 5 and Series 6 have 32GB of internal storage, we could assume that the Series 7 will feature at least similar storage.

Sensors and battery

Just like Series 6, the upcoming smartwatch should have electrical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart rate sensor and blood oxygen sensor.  The battery life should reach 18 hours on a single charge. The Watch Series 7 comes with faster charging feature, which is about 33 percent faster than the Series 6.