Smartwatches have multiple built-in sensors and features that ensure safer and easier life. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson on how to stay hygienic and keep our immune system effective. One of the common symptoms of COVID-19 is low blood oxygen level. If you are feeling unwell and your blood oxygen level is going down, it is important to seek medical help. Once available only on high-end smartwatches, SpO2 sensors are now a standard feature of many low-cost models. With pandemic is still not under full control in many areas, it is important to own a wearable that can track your health conditions. If SpO2 sensor is a requirement, here are options to consider:

Amazfit Bip U

It is a good smartwatch with 1.43-inch display. You may configure it, so it always on. Other than a SpO2 sensor as a standard feature, it also has an optical heart rate sensor, barometer and 3-axis accelerometer. Its water resistance is certified to reach 5 atm. With normal usage, the Bip U may last for 9 days and with heavy usage, about 5 days.

GOQji Smart Vital

It’s another smartwatch that you may choose for its blood oxygen sensor. Other features are blood pressure tracker and body temperature. It would be convenient to know your current body temperature in real time, because fever is a symptom of COVID-19. High blood pressure is a risk factor that can make COVID-19 causes more severe conditions on patient. If you obtain accurate information on both, it will be much easier to keep yourself healthy. The blood pressure tracker also measures your diastolic and systolic pressures.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3

The Pro 3 is a budget smartwatch with 1.55-inch LCD display and blood oxygen sensor. Just like all full-featured smartwatches, the Pro 3 also have a display with full touch capabilities. There are also heart rate sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. The dust and water resistance are based on IP68 certification, so you can easily use the smartwatch in any situation, such as hiking, cliff climbing or relaxing on a beach. In a single charge, you can use the Pro 3 for about 10 days with normal usage. You can play music, view notifications, manage calls and perform other tasks.

Honor watch ES

The watch ES offers many useful features, such as blood oxygen sensor, stress monitor, heart rate sensor and sleep tracking. You choose among more than 200 watch faces on its rectangular 1.64-inch AMOLED display. In one charge, you can get about ten days of operational time.

Realme Watch S

If you want a smartwatch with extra tough display, the Watch S with Corning Gorilla Glass on its 1.3-inch LCD display is a good alternative. It comes with SpO2 sensor, heart rate sensor and accelerometer. You can fully charge the Watch S in just two hours and it could last for up to two weeks with normal usage. It is an attractive smartwatch with aluminium case that can appeal to many stylish individuals.