The Apple Watch Series 6 is currently the most capable smartwatch model from Apple. Despite having a feature-packed smartwatch, you may not be able to take full advantage of them, if you don’t use them properly. Apple’s smartwatches use the same watchOS operating system and basic design, so these tips should work on most Apple Watch models.

Change the layout

By default, the interface of Apple Watch has honeycomb arrangement, which the company calls as the Grid View. Although it is straightforward to use, some people may find it rather frustrating. New users may not be familiar with how apps do and look like. Some beginners may better choose List View, which makes it easier to find apps.

Hide 3rd party apps

Sometimes, you want to use only basic watchOS apps, because 3rd party apps may clutter the interface. If you have important apps that you don’t use frequently, you may want to hide them during daily uses. Go to Watch App> My Watch. Look for “Installed on Apple Watch” and toggle off apps that you rarely use, but are still important.

Mute notifications

It would be jarring to receive so many notifications and this can particularly affect new users. You wouldn’t like it to have your brand-new device vibrating so often. Luckily, you can easily manage the notifications, so you won’t be overwhelmed by them. Go to Watch App>Notifications>Mirror my iPhone. Choose apps you don’t wish to get push notifications from.

Make your smartwatch five minutes faster

Some people purposely make their smartwatch faster, so they won’t be late to go to work or appointment. If you ignore the fact that your Apple Watch is five minutes ahead, you may arrive to an appointment a bit early. Go to Apple Watch>Clock. Choose +0 min and spin it a few minutes ahead. You may make your smartwatch up to 59 minutes faster. Fortunately, your alarms will still work based on real time.

Enable alarm clock

It’s much more convenient and effective to use your smartwatch as alarm clock, instead of your smartphone. If you continue wearing your smartwatch, while sleeping or working, the alarm clock will wake you up or remind you when it’s time to do something. Go to Settings>General. Enable Nightstand Mode.

Download music

After being connected to wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you can easily listen to music through your smartwatch. Your Apple Watch has seamless integration with Apple Music service. You can download music from Apple Music and listen to it later offline. If you want to use this capability, you need to get subscribed to Apple Music first. In your Apple Watch go to My Watch and choose Music. Choose an album or playlist you seek to download. Tap “Add Music”. If you prefer using Spotify, open the Spotify app in your Apple Watch. Choose podcasts or songs you prefer to listen to offline. After choosing a podcast, album or playlist, tap the three dots icon. Tap “Download to Apple Watch”.