If you own an Apple Watch you will be fully aware of the vast amount of straps you can get in different styles and looks. You are able to pick up all sorts of styles of straps, from leather, stainless steel, nylon to silicone. But where is the best place to get them from? Yes, you could head over to the Apple website but generally, they are quite expensive. For a student, money is tight and saving every penny is important. Like most things, you can get Apple Watch Straps cheap but reliable.

There are a number of places online that you can look around and see what they have on offer. I have listed a few that I have personally tried and know what customer service is like. I have tried their straps and have worn them for a few months now. Check them out to see what they are like.

Trendy Straps

One of the most reasonable online stores available is Trendy Straps. They offer a range of straps from nylon to leather and you can get them in different colours to suit. On the Apple website, a sports loop strap cost £49, Trendy Straps loops range from £12. They are of great quality and amazingly reliable to wear in any weather. Trendy straps not only sells Apple Watch Straps but they have cases and screen protectors for your watch. They offer some “stylish, comfortable, and vibrant colourful band that just not makes your apple watch more beautiful but also complement your daily wearing, mood, and style statement”.


Second on the list is Wristive, an online store that is slightly more than Trendy Straps but still way less than Apple stores. Wristive offers more choices of Apple Watch Straps. They are currently running a promotion whereby you get 20% off if you purchase 2 straps. Wristive is solely about Apple Watch Straps and there’s also a feature on the site where you can Design your own Watch Strap. You can upload a photo or add text to customise your strap.

Ritche Watch Bands

Next is Ritche Watch Bands that offer straps for not only Apple Watch but also for Samsung Galaxy Watch and G-Shock. There are a number of different styles of straps available and in different sizes as well. Again these are much cheaper and are of high quality. They offer free shipping on orders over $25 and a further 15% off purchases. The major difference that they offer is the fact that all straps come with a warranty.

Like I mentioned above, there are a number of sites to get decent straps from. The ones that I have listed I have purchased from. I realised that Apple Straps can be very expensive especially if bought from the official Apple Stores. It’s great to have a choice of where you can get great Apple Watch Straps from.