Garmin is a popular brand in the smartwatch market and it has released a number of successful models, including the Forerunner 945 LTE and Venu 2. Because these devices are essentially wearable computers, users should use the most out of them, whether they are sleeping at night, working or exercising. Here are a few useful tips for owners of Garmin smartwatches:

Change watch faces

Users shouldn’t settle for the default watch face and there are alternatives to choose from. With Instinct and Fenix, watch face options are accessible after pressing and holding the menu. With Venu series models, hold down the B button to choose a face. With a Forerunner model, tap the three horizontal lines or the menu button to choose a watch face. Some models allow you to download custom faces from the Internet.

Block notifications

If you are about to go to bed or hold a meeting, it’s necessary to block notifications. Although it’s convenient to get a notification on your wrist, you may want to disable it at certain situations. On your smartphone, open the Garmin Connect app. Tap the watch icon and go to User Settings. Configure the time when you are usually snoozing or meeting. In Sounds & Alerts settings, enable “Do Not Disturb During Sleep”.

Optimize data screen

When you are exercising, you want to get more complete data, such as elevation and running speed. Garmin allows you to choose details that are most relevant to you. Go to Settings>Activities & Apps. Edit the type of activities you want. In Data Screens, you can choose what kind of data that should be shown.

Listen to music

With a Garmin smartwatch, you can decide what music you want to listen to directly from the wearable. Depending on the model, you can listen to playlists from Deezer, Amazon Music or Spotify. Even if you leave the smartphone at home, you can continue listening to music. With Fenix and Forerunner models, you can choose a music platform by pressing the Down button. Log into a favourite streaming service and you can choose the playlist you want to listen to.

Configure training plans

When exercising, it is important to focus on the most ideal activities. Whether it is a 10k run or bike ride, any activity has different impacts on your fitness level. Open the Garmin Connect app on the smartphone and tap the three horizontal lines to open the main menu. Tap Training and Training Plans. You can decide the duration of the training and the target date for each activity. This means that you can decide what kind of goal you want to achieve for certain activities. This will make activity plan more structured.

Decide what you want to see

As information is displayed on your smartwatch, it is possible to conveniently configure it on your smartphone with the Garmin Connect app. When it comes to your fitness and health goals, some of these details are more relevant. In the Connect app, go to Edit My Day at the bottom of the interface. You will have access to a wealth of data and you can choose those you need most.