Smartwatches have become a ubiquitous technology and they are a perfect pair for your smartphone. Even so, many people are still clinging to the old ways of telling time. They are just reluctant to let go of classic, analogue metal wristwatch, with something digital and plasticky. The Fossil Latitude Hybrid HR is a transitional device for people who plan to migrate to all-digital timepieces.

As a brand, Fossil has been known for its stylish design and when you wear the Hybrid HR on your wrist, it won’t scream “plasticky smartwatch” to those around you. When unboxing it for the first time, you could be impressed by how great it looks. It looks classic and minimalist, making it compatible with workout or work outfits.

Digital capabilities aside, it looks and feels like quality timepiece, which is something you would expect from a $195 device. It is easy to read the large watch face and analogue arms without any backlight. The 50mm case has a comfortable heft and it isn’t too light, especially for men. The Hybrid HR simply feels sturdy and at 5.6 ounces, it could appeal to those who don’t want to wear something too light, like Apple Watch at only 1.07 oz. It is fairly normal for a Fossil watch to weigh around 6 ounces. However, those who seek to get lightweight fitness tracking features, the Hybrid HR may feel a tad too heavy.

Its silicone band is also comfortable at 24mm wide. It should feel sturdy for daily usages. The material seems robust enough, so the band won’t wear out or overstretch due to typical daily usage or more intense exercises. You may also swap the band based on personal preferences. Just like Amazon Kindle, the e-ink display of Hybrid HR doesn’t glow and it works nicely under the sun. Also, the display won’t greedily consume battery life, like its full-colour OLED counterparts. E-ink display has rather slow refresh rate, so it may feel somewhat sluggish, especially when there are moving objects on the display. Even so, it is much easier on your eyes, especially in a dimmed bedroom.

Pairing the Fossil Latitude Hybrid HR with Android and iOS should be a painless experience. You only need to install the Fossil app on iOS 12 or newer, or, Android 5.0 or newer. Just follow the onscreen instruction on your smartphone to start customizing and syncing with your Hybrid HR. There’s a USB port to charge your smartwatch and transfer files. With regular usage, your Hybrid HR should last for more than a week on single charge. As a transitional and simplified smartwatch, you shouldn’t expect to get rich customisation features. But it means that the Hybrid HR is simpler to use and the software is more robust than Google Wear or watchOS.

Even so, there are still activity trackers that can help you monitor heart rate and daily steps. You will get notifications from Facebook, Gmail and other online platforms.