We have heard certain details about the Apple Watch 7, including the new processor and display. The developer beta of watchOS8 is now available and it’s a good indication of what we will get from Apple’s next smartwatch. According to reports from Bloomberg, it is possible that the sugar detection sensor won’t available this year. In fact, it is possible that the feature will face postponement until 2022. At the same time, Samsung has also dropped this feature from its smartwatch. The Temperature-measuring feature may not be available for Apple Watch 7, but it could be for the Watch 8.

From what we have heard, the Apple Watch 7 will have S7 processor with faster performance. The ultra-wideband update will ensure that the Apple Watch 7 will have improved wireless connectivity. Its body could be thicker, while the display will have thinner cover and bezels. While we could benefit from the new S7 processor with its better connectivity options and faster performance, the display technology could be a more interesting topic to discuss. Apple may use an improved lamination technique to make the display. This will ensure that the display will have a thinner cover. It would mean that the display is closer to the surface, which will improve visibility and brightness further.

Possible Features

This also means that the Apple Watch 7 will be more usable for outdoor uses. We should appreciate the fact that the Cupertino team has managed to trim the bezels of the display. Which improves the overall design aesthetics. If it’s true that the Apple Watch 7 will be slightly thicker, it could mean that the new wearable will have a bigger battery capacity. The new display lamination technique should make the Apple Watch 7 thinner. So it is possible that there’s another internal change that could hopefully improve battery life. Among loyal Apple fans, we often have heard complaints that the company’s timepieces still have ridiculously battery life, especially compared to competitors.

With the more elegant, brighter display, ultra-wideband connectivity, faster performance and possibly, longer battery life, the Watch Series 7 could be a great option for an upgrade. But whether you want to upgrade the Apple Watch 6 that you have just bought, it entirely depends on your personal requirements and preferences. If you want to get more features like body temperature monitory, you may need to wait for the Apple Watch 8. In this current pandemic, it would be useful to have your body temperature continuously checked. You will know whether you are going to have a mild fever, so you can take care of yourself better by getting enough rest.

 Until now, Apple’s mobile devices and timepieces remain a symbol of elegance and prestige. Many people buy them not only for functionality but also for the overall style and appearance. If you are still using an earlier model of the Apple Watch 7, it should be a good idea to upgrade when the new smartwatch is available in the market. Whether the Apple Watch 7 be a revolution or just another refresh, we would need to wait and see.