Huawei has been facing problems with the use of Google’s services, due to a ban by the Trump administration. The company has developed its proprietary operating system, the HarmonyOS. The new software is now available for Huawei Watch 3 and its more capable variant, the Huawei Watch 3 Pro. It is possible that Huawei will completely migrate from Android’s Wear to HarmonyOS to prevent any restriction. The new software should provide similar basic features as the Wear. It has an interface with grid apps, similar to the watchOS. However, it is still possible for users to choose a list interface. Through its MeeTime service, you can perform video calling with Watch 3 to other MeeTime users. It is possible that the HarmonyOS version for a smartwatch is different from the one for Huawei’s tablet. It seems that the smartwatch version of the software is more efficient because it allows for longer battery life. Huawei has confirmed that the HarmonyOS can support multiple kernels. For smartwatch users, longer battery life is an appealing feature to have.

Compared to earlier models, the Watch 3 has the same design concept. It comes with 1.43-inch OLED display with 1,000 nits of peak brightness and 60Hz refresh rate. There’s no rotating bezel, because the Watch 3 has edge to edge display. Just like Apple Watch, the Huawei Watch 3 has rotating crown. There are different styles of Watch 3, suitable for different type of users. The elite version has metal bracelet, the classic model uses leather, while the rubber strap is for the active model. Just like other competing smartwatches, there are also activity tracking feature. Other features are sleep tracking, SpO2 sensor and heart rate tracking. But unlike its predecessor, the Watch 3 has temperature sensor. It’s the same feature that we get from Fitbit Sense. Throughout the day, the temperature tracks your body temperature and it will notify you when you have near-fever temperature. In this current pandemic-influenced world, it is convenient to have a tool that can track your body temperature constantly. There are multiple workout modes, including swimming, cycling and climbing.

Watch 2 Pro first introduced the eSIM support and it’s now also available for Watch 3. This means, users can get access for dedicated 4G LTE connectivity. You will be able to make voice calls directly with the Watch 3. It is not yet confirmed whether the smartwatch could use video calling through apps like WhatsApp. Huawei promises that if you enable 4G LTE connectivity, the Watch 3 will operate for three days on a single charge. But if you disable it completely, the Watch 3 may work for two weeks. Realistically, you can use 4G LTE connection intermittently, only when you need it. Even when you enable the low-power mode, the Watch 3 should still be able to track workouts and activities. It will still have animated watch face. If you want to charge it conveniently, the Watch 3 can be charged wirelessly with Qi-compliant devices.