After spending months owning and wearing the latest smartwatch from Apple, you may learn some new things. You can wear it constantly when exercising, sleeping commuting and cooking. Whatever you do, you can wear the stylish smartwatch comfortably on your wrist. It’s among the best smartwatch models you could buy today. Obviously, Apple has done many good things with the Watch 6. The bright display has always-on screen. You could get seamless integration with iPhone and the fitness tracking performance is precise. However, you may quickly realize that the battery life is much shorter than other models in the market. Even so, the faster charging performance should make this less of a problem.

The big question is whether the $399 smartwatch is really worth your investment. If you are an avid cyclist, the Apple Watch 6 is a very useful tool. It could help you track heart rate, calories burned and ride duration. With the Maps app, you can easily get directions as you cycling through the city. Haptic cues and turn by turn directions are really useful, because you don’t need to check the smartwatch when biking through busy street. If you commute with public transportation, your fitness performance can be tracked as well, because you will need to walk quite a lot. After using Apple Watch Series 6 for a few months, you could realize that it’s necessary to customize notifications. If not, you will be bombarded with so many notifications from all apps on the iPhone. It is not convenient to see your Apple Watch Series 6 gets cluttered by so many notifications.

It is important for you to properly curate any incoming notification, so it will be much more convenient to use your smartwatch. During the initial setup process, after buying the Apple Watch, you should immediately customize the notification setting. Another concern is that battery life seems to degrade gradually. If your device could previously run for 24 hours on a single charge, it could drop to 20 hours. Although it’s still enough for one day of you, it is important to optimize battery life as best as you can. If this happens, make sure that you use only tracking features and sensors that you need. Another thing to consider is that your battery won’t last forever and it could slowly deteriorate.

After some time, you may realize that you need silicone Solo Loop to have more convenience when using the Apple Watch Series 6. It appears that the Braided Solo Loop tends to become discoloured after months of use, especially because it’s made of fabric. The band may also stretch out slightly, making it less comfortable to wear. Many Apple Watch users find that the Blood Oxygen feature isn’t the most useful. For casual users, it is probably better to focus more fitness tracking feature to know whether they have achieved their fitness and stamina goals properly. We could be hopeful that Apple will release blood glucose tracking soon.