While titanium case is usually for smartwatch models with higher pricing and exceptional durability, it is more likely that you will be given the option to choose stainless steel or aluminium case. Both are cheaper materials than titanium or other more valuable metals. When choosing between both materials, you need to be aware of their characteristics. It is a fact that aluminium is softer, so it will dent more easily than stainless steel, especially if you often do outdoor activities. Also, an aluminium case could shatter more easily when your smartwatch is subjected to severe abuse.

Although aluminium isn’t as strong, it is actually resistant to scratches. It means that aluminium cases won’t have micro abrasion or minor scratches. Even so, because stainless steel is harder, it won’t shatter or crack easily in impact. If you often do various physical activities, it is recommended to choose stainless steel case, because it is more durable. If you regularly spend time indoor, you should choose aluminium case, because it has glossy appearance and is more resistant to scratches. Another thing to consider is that stainless steel surface usually attracts fingerprints more easily, due to the shiny surface. This means, you need to regularly clean stainless-steel cases, more often due to smudges. Because stainless steel is more than twice as dense compared to aluminium, it is heavier. If you want a lightweight smartwatches and you want to move your hand effortlessly, choose aluminium case.

The Apple Watch has stainless steel case and sapphire crystal display. The case is rigid and tough, while the display is resistant to scratches and well protected against impacts. To match the strong stainless steel case, you should consider a well protected display with sapphire or Gorilla Glass. Although sapphire isn’t as strong as diamond, it is still a very tough material. Both stainless steel and aluminium are great materials in terms of visuals, because they have glistening and shiny surface. However, some aluminium case has matte finish, which is a good choice if you don’t prefer anything shiny.

Regardless of the material, you should make sure that the smartwatch has excellent connectivity. GPS, cellular and Bluetooth are features that allow your smartwatch to connect better. You need to make sure that the smartwatch can sync and connect better. However, remember that smartwatch with built-in cellular feature is usually more expensive. So, it is important that you choose a smartwatch model that matches your personal requirements and budget. In terms of pricing, you shouldn’t see much difference between the two materials. Both aluminium and stainless are very common and affordable materials. If a stainless steel smartwatch is more expensive than an aluminium model, vice versa, it is likely because the more expensive smartwatch has much better features. In terms of colour, it could be flexible between the two. For both materials, you can find colour options like gold, silver, graphite, red, blue and space grey.