Garmin has introduced its second iteration of the Venue series. The new device a combination of both smartwatch and fitness watch. It comes with a variety of activity tracking features and bright AMOLED screen. In addition, the device has compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Priced at $400, the Garmin Venu 2 is a high smartwatch. Even so, this device comes with a wealth of new features. For current Garmin smartwatch users, the Venu 2 definitely stands out with its longer battery and more complete health features.

There are two case options, the Venu 2 with 45mm case and Venu 2S with smaller 40mm case. Both variants have similar features, but the Venu 2S has smaller battery, resulting in shorter operational time. The Venu 2 has stainless steel case and silicone band. It means, you can wear the smartwatch quite comfortably for a whole day. When using the Venu 2, you can choose between three brightness levels. Depending on the time of the day, you can choose the most appropriate brightness level, including when you are working under the sunlight. In direct sunlight, you should still be able to read any workout metric on the display. Compared to the Garmin Venu smartwatch, the interface on the display should feel quite responsive. After using the Venu 2 for some time, your muscle memory will make things much more intuitive. You will get much more usability and practicality, because you can quickly get what you want. If you want to save battery life, you can disable the always-on display. For highly active individuals, there are 25 activity types that you can get from the Venu 2.

As an example, if you love cycling, walking, running, doing HIIT training, hiking, bouldering and performing indoor climbing, the Venu 2 should be a great solution. It is easy to modify the interface quite easily to define metrics, before starting any workout. The customization ability should improve the overall experience. The GPS performance is quite decent. When you are staying outdoor, the GPS signal could be locked in less than 10 seconds. When compared with chest strap, the performance of Venu 2 works quite well and the accuracy is a great thing.

When you are planning to push your body further, the Venu 2 should be a great solution. When you are asleep, the Venu 2 smartwatch tracks your blood oxygenation level with the SpO2 sensor. The device comes with low and high heart rate alerts. This is also important if you have heart problems at the moment. Unfortunately, the Venu 2 still doesn’t have ECG, unlike Fitbit Sense, Galaxy Watch 2 and Apple Watch Series 6.  Overall, the Garmin Venu 2 is a decent high-end smartwatch. It comes with great visual design, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with ECG feature, unlike competing high-end models. When paired with a smartphone, the smartwatch can also display text message, incoming calls and notifications. With Garmin Pay, you can do contactless payment, which is convenient during the current pandemic situation.