For people who are interested in hiking, they should look models that can help them to track time and fitness metrics. It is also important to find a model with good navigation performance, so hikers won’t be lost. For less technical users, it could be essential to choose models with simpler navigation that is easy to use. There are essential components that we need to consider.  If you want to buy a smartwatch for hiking, make sure that it has altimeter. This feature allows you to measure the real height above sea level. If you also using a map, it will be easier to pinpoint your location, based on the altitude. If the smartwatch has a map with altitude information, not just coordinate, it is less likely for you to get lost.

Another feature to consider is barometer that can measure the any fluctuation in atmospheric pressure. This also an important detail to confirm your altitude. The higher your position, the lower the atmospheric pressure. If you remain at an altitude, but the barometric measurement is changing, it could indicate changing weather. This means, you may need to find shelter immediately before rain or storm is coming. It is important for your survival, because hypothermia could happen when you are wet and at higher altitude. One more feature to consider is compass, which tells you the direction you are moving. It is important when you are walking during overcast weather or when it is already dark. If you don’t get GPS signal, you need both physical map and compass to better pinpoint your location.

Your navigation problems are fully resolved if you have reliable GPS connection. It is not only essential for your smartwatch to have GPS feature, but you also need to make sure that it is dependable and can work well in remote locations. If you get separated with the team, the GPS feature can help you to rejoin. This means, the GPS mapping must be very accurate and with minimum error rate. Without doubt, battery life is crucial to ensure that you can continue using the device longer. Some smartwatch models could stay operational for more than one week with a single charge. It is a good idea to bring a solar panel charger that’s compact and light.

This charger may not fully charge the battery, but it could extend the operational time of your smartwatch. Durability is also important and you need to make sure that the smartwatch can withstand low temperature and moisture. It is very likely that the smartwatch will bump against jagged rocks and trees, so they need to be shock resistant. Make sure that your smartwatch is lightweight. Wearing a bulky 75-gram smartwatch for a whole day may not be a problem, but after two or three days, it could feel quite cumbersome. If possible, your smartwatch should be under 55 grams, to ensure your comfort while hiking. For casual hikers, it could be important for them to have fitness tracking features in the smartwatch.