Casio has released a new smartwatch in the G-Shock series. Called the G-Squad Pro, it is the first smartwatch model from Casio that has Wear OS from Google. In terms of overall design, it looks nearly identical to the Casio G-Shock GBD-H1000 model that the company released last year. However, we could expect to get more features and more accurate sensors. For both professional athletes and casual users, there are definitely some enticing features that you will get from the G-Squad Pro.

It comes with a variety of athletic settings, including for swimming, biking, walking, indoor workouts and running. It also supports various extreme pursuits, including snowboarding, skydiving and surfing. There’s an optical sensor to accurately measure heart rate. Other sensors are multisystem GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, altimeter and digital compass. There is also dual layer display with colour and monochrome representation. The three-tier interface layout allows you to customize the smartwatch to better suit your goals. Much of the information is accessible easily at a glance and various data points as available at your fingertips. Just like previous Casio smartwatch models, the band is made of durable, flexible and soft urethane. This ensures that the G-Squad Pro is very comfortable to wear. There’s no information about availability in the United States and Australia. However, the company will start releasing the device starting from May. You can check Casio’s website and social media accounts regularly to know when the device is available.

As a continuation of the G-Shock series, you can be sure to get exceptional shock and water resistance. Other than charging terminal, there’s also a microphone. The thick glass on the display ensures that the smartwatch could survive immersion under 200 metres of water. The display also has touch-sensitive control. The case comes with titanium protection to resist against corrosion. The proprietary app of the smartwatch supports 24 indoor workouts and 15 other activities. Because the smartwatch has Wear OS software, it means that users can install many third-party apps. Including Google Fit and Google Assistant. There are various logging features to get a historical data of your activities.

This makes analysis of your progress much easier to do. The companion G-Shock Move app for smartphone allows easier tracking of fitness data. There’s Sensor Overlay feature that combines still images and videos of activities. It will be much easier to share media on your social media accounts. The 1.2-inch display could work as monochrome with always on feature to conserve battery life during daily activities. If you want to operate apps, the display could turn into a colour interface to provide high-definition representation of sensor data and maps. The 360 x 360 pixels resolution ensures high pixel density. Just like many Wear OS smartwatches, battery life may not be impressive, but it’s still usable for daily activities. With a full charge, the G-Squad Pro could last for one day and half. If you use the smartwatch only for timekeeping and tracking with sensors, it could last for nearly one month.