Polar released Vantage V2 last year and the current M2 is a better device for tracking your fitness performance. Priced at $299, the Vantage M2 is a mid-range model in the smartwatch market. One interesting thing about Vantage M2 is the great design. With sporty look, the M2 is stylish and suitable for your smartwatch. The 46mm case is 12.5mm thick and it weighs 45.5 grams. With up to 30 metres of water resistance, the Vantage M2 is more than capable for showering and swimming. Around the display, you get stainless-steel bezel. On the case, there are five physical buttons. There are three case options, brown, gold and black. Materials of the bands are leather, textile and silicone. The 1.2-inch display has 240×240 resolution and 283ppi of pixel density.

The Vantage M2 is great for both outdoors and indoors use. You can get real-time statistics of your physical activities. Other than fitness tracking, there are many sports mode and rich sleep tracking. For mapping services, the Polar Vantage M2 supports OSZZ, Galileo, GLONASS and GPS supports. There are 130 sports profiles, making it a very versatile smartwatch to wear, including open water swimming, indoor pool swimming, cycling and running. For beginner and experienced runners, the Vantage M2 is really useful. During configuration, you can input personal information, such as gender, height, weight and age. The FuelWise app provide estimated amount of carbs needed to perform a physical performance. The Vantage M2 provides reminders when you should drink.

The Cardio Load app is also useful to give you an idea whether you have been maintaining or overdoing training. Based on the logged workouts, you can track the intensity and duration of your physical exercises. With the Precision Prime heart rate sensor, the Polar Vantage M2 can generate a deep array of data and metrics. This sensor uses electrodes and red and green LEDs to ensure better accuracy. As long as you wear the Vantage M2, you can monitor heart rate continuously. You can get a load of information, including maximum heart rate, heart rate zones, calories calculations and cardio load. You can use the Vantage M2 with heart rate monitor chest strap to calibrate results. This will ensure that the Vantage M2 will always provide great results when tracking your physical performance.

With Polar Vantage M2, it will be like wearing a dedicated chest strap for heart monitoring, if you have properly configured and calibrated the smartwatch. You will know how to get into the next heart rate zone by checking the max and average heart rates. Sleep monitoring is also a good feature to connect the gap between recovery and training. Like other smartwatch, you will also be able to get information about sleep stages and sleep duration. It would be useful if you get information about sleep continuity, sleep interruptions and other related data based on REM. With the Nightly Recharge feature, your body can better recover from training and stress. With the 230mAh battery, the Vantage M2 could operate for five days with heart rate tracker enabled and with both GPS and heart rate tracker enabled, it will be around 30 hours.