Apple’s operating system for its wearable, the watchOS has definitely come a long way. With each new update, we get additional features. Even so, there are still important features that we don’t get from Apple Watch. Apple may address this issue in future releases of watchOS. There are also some hardware features that Apple should add too.

A complete browser

Although it is less convenient to browse the web with the Apple Watch, you may need to do that when you are in a cramped metro rain and the iPhone is somewhere in your bag. The interface could have full optimization to ensure proper use on the very small display. It is convenient to use the smartwatch to quickly search for an information and it’s something that we may get in future versions of watchOS. With a full-fledged web browser, the Apple Watch will be a more capable device. In essence, the Apple Watch is a computing device and it should have the ability to browse the web better.

Better always-on feature

When the always-on feature enabled, it is much easier to track the time. Normally, the display will dim when you put your wrist down to improve battery life. A simple tap or wrist raise could bring the display on again. Although the current always-on implementation is adequate, but Apple could improve it further. As an example, users should be able to cycle through different watch faces for the always-on display. There should be the option to show only your most-used apps for quick access.

Native Notes app

There should native Notes app for watchOS, so it would be easy and seamless to jot down any idea on the go. It is quite questionable why Apple hasn’t included a native Notes app. When a bright idea strikes your mind, it would be really convenient to write it down. The sooner you write it down, the better it would be. Admittedly, it is difficult to type in your idea on a small display of Apple Watch. With dictation, you can speak a bit slowly and results should be quite accurate.

Touch ID

It may be a bit too far-fetched to add a Face ID sensor on the Apple Watch, but it is technically possible to add a capacitive button that also works as Touch ID sensor. You don’t wear your Apple Watch all the time and someone could get access to it or even steal it. Although it is possible to lock and unlock your Apple Watch without iPhone, it is a good thing to have a way to do it with the Apple Watch alone. When you stow the iPhone in your bag and it’s hard to reach it, it would be convenient to unlock the Apple Watch with a small Touch ID button. An under-display Touch ID sensor is also a nice alternative.

Under display camera

With miniaturized camera module, it is possible to put it under the display. It would be fun to take picture on something by pointing your smartwatch on a subject. However, there could be a privacy issue with such camera implementation.