If you don’t really want to spend too much money on a wearable, Wyze is a brand that could provide you with great solutions. The brand has the reputation of offering very affordable device. The new Wyze Watch is a very affordable smartwatch. For only $20, you could get a smart wearable with nine days of battery life. If you want something a little smarter than an analogue wristwatch, the decision to buy Wyze Watch is a no brainer. Although you may need to lower expectations significantly, you could still a number of features not available on dumb wristwatches.

Design and display

One thing that you will immediately notice is that the Wyze Watch looks a lot like a premium smartwatch with its silicone band and 47mm aluminium case. On the right side, there’s a physical button. The 1.75-inch TFT touchscreen LCD display looks quite bright. On the back there are blood oxygen and heart rate sensors. The proprietary magnetic charger is useful for topping up the 300mAh battery. The silicon strap makes the Wyze Watch quite comfortable to wear. Based on your preferences, you can choose the leather strap. Overall, you should enjoy the premium feel and look of the watch. Unfortunately, performance is definitely the weak point of Wyze Watch. When you want to see the time by raising your wrist and swipe the display to see apps, there are obviously moments of hesitation.


When you buy a $20 smartwatch, you should expect very basic software implementation. However, pairing the Wyze Watch with a smartphone is really fast. There are more than 20 watch faces to choose from and apps selection is very limited. You only get nine apps, including run tracking, heart rate, blood oxygen level, shortcuts and weather. Notification features are limited as well, meaning that you can only read incoming text message, emails and instant messaging. You can’t send short and quick replies directly from the smartwatch.


If you want to wear smartwatch only to see time and track fitness data, the Wyze Watch is suitable for you. When measuring exercise distance and counting steps, this smartwatch may show some discrepancies. When it comes to tracking sleep pattern, the Wyze Watch is quite accurate. Regardless of the slight inaccuracy, you will still know whether you walk less or more than tomorrow. If you want a tool to provide basic measurement of fitness performance, the Wyze Watch is definitely adequate.


Despite the limited functionality and laggy performance, you still get more than your money’s worth. With a single charge, you can get nine days of operational time. The device has solid build with two metres of water resistance. With normal usages, you can be sure than Wyze Watch will remain usable for a long time. Wyze also offers one-year warranty for its smartwatch. In short, the Wyze Watch could be at the bottom of the barrel among the available selections in the smartwatch market, but because it’s so cheap, it has among the best value for wearable users.