After getting the most of your wearable, it is time to sell it. Depending on the market situation, there could be huge demand on used Apple Watch. Before selling your Apple Watch, you need to prepare it for the resale. It’s much more than cleaning all the stains, debris, dirt and oily marks.


First of all, make sure that you unpair the Apple Watch with the iPhone. This ensures the safety of your information, when the Apple Watch changes hand. On your iPhone, go to the Watch app and choose the name of your Apple Watch. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch” and the choose “Unpair”. A warning will appear to confirm whether you really want to unpair the device. To confirm the process, you should choose “Unpair Apple Watch”. When you unpair the device, this should disable the activation lock and the buyer will be able to pair the watch with a new iPhone unit. Be aware that the iPhone will back up the settings and content during the unpairing process, so make sure that both devices have enough battery charge.

Remove from iCloud

It is digitally risky if the Apple Watch still links to your iCloud account. Although the buyer is honest, he may cause issues with your iCloud account if he is less knowledgeable about technical matters, thinking that it’s his iCloud account. Make sure remove the Activation lock, so the Apple Watch can login to another iCloud account. On your iPhone, open and login to your account. Choose “Find My iPhone” and select “All Devices”. Tap “Apple Watch” and then tap “Erase Apple Watch”. The website will show the warning and tap “Erase All”. Remember that once you tap the button, it’s not possible to undo the process. If there’s an active plan, you should tap “Erase All and Keep Plan”. This way, you won’t cause issues with the cellular data. Choose “Next”, so you can erase the Apple Watch from the iCloud. Be aware that this process could take time, so the Apple Watch should be connected to charger. Next to the Apple Watch, you should tap the “X” sign. Once the Apple Watch is completely unpaired, you can open the iCloud account.

Know where to sell

There are many websites and platforms that allow you to sell mobile devices. SellCell is a platform to properly sell Apple Watch and the website is quite easy to navigate. Decluttr is another website to get rid of your items, including your Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch is still at near pristine condition, you can trade it with brand-new Apple Watch. It is a good way to get the latest Apple Watch model without paying the full price. As an example, if you have the original Apple Watch, it’s trade-in value is $50 and $80 for Apple Watch Series 2. Apple also has a Recycling Program that allows you to trade in an old Apple Watch. Depending on the Apple Watch model, you will also get credit. As an example, Apple offers $200 credit for Apple Watch Series 5, so you can get Apple Watch Series 6 for much-reduced price.