If you have been using Apple Fitness+ on the Apple Watch, you may realize that it’s a quite straightforward service. However, as a new service, it is still prone to some issues. As an example, your Apple Watch may have problem connecting to the Fitness+ service, when you are about to work out. In other cases, library won’t load content correctly. In many cases, typical troubleshooting tips may help to resolve these issues. Because you are using Fitness+ on the Apple Watch, you will need to solve issues of your wearable first.

Reboot Apple Watch

Rebooting Apple Watch is a great way to “refresh” the device and deal with problematic connection issue. Press and hold the side button and wait until the Power Off slider appears, drag it to the right. Press and hold the same button again, until the Apple Watch fully restarts. Check if you can connect with the Fitness+ again. If your Apple Watch freezes, press and hold both the side button and the digital crown. The screen will go dark and your Apple Watch should restart.

Check for latest updates

If you don’t get the latest watchOS update, it is possible that your Apple Watch would act strangely. On the paired iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and choose the My Watch tab. Go to General and in Software Update check whether there’s a new software update.

Unpair and pair again

Re-establishing connection is as easy is unpairing your Apple Watch and iPhone, then pair them again. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app. On the My Watch interface, tap the “All Watches” button at the top. Choose the paired Apple Watch. Choose Unpair Apple Watch. Choose Unpair Apple Watch and confirm the process. If there’s a cellular service, you may choose to remove or keep the plan.

Force quit the app

If you use the Fitness+ app on your Apple TV, you may need to force quit it. Turn on your Apple TV, On the Siri Remote double click the Home button, while the Apple TV displays the Home screen. On the trackpad, swipe to the right to choose an app that you want to force close. Force closing the app is as easy as swiping it up on the trackpad.

Reboot Apple TV

If Fitness+ still doesn’t work, you may need to reboot the Apple TV. It’s a good way if you want to fix common problems and glitches. The fastest way is to unplug the power cord and plug it back again. But if you want to be less harsh, on the Siri remote, look for the menu button and press and hold it. You can find the menu button on the left side. While pressing and holding the Menu button, you also need to do the same with the TV button on your remote. If you keep holding both buttons, the status light of your Apple TV will start to flash. You can let go of both buttons. Your Apple TV will reboot.