Apple uses a closed ecosystem, where all devices can work together seamless. The Apple Watch is designed to work better when paired with an iPhone. The company released its first Apple Watch model in 2015 and since then, it has been a strong player in the wearable sector. Because Apple Watch has built-in waterproofing, LTE and GPS features, it could survive on its own without being prepared with an iPhone. So, if you don’t have an iPhone and don’t plan to get one in near future, it is still possible to get good functionality from your Apple Watch. A brand-new Apple Watch needs an iPhone for initial configuration and there’s no way to get around that. The iPhone does much of the heavy lifting, but if you switch to an Android smartphone later, it is still possible to continue using the Apple Watch.

Although the Apple Watch may not get very far with a paired iPhone, here are things you can do:

Track activity levels

If you don’t have an iPhone and are reluctant to bring an iPhone during a running exercise, the Apple Watch can record steps directly and other health-related metrics. When you return home, you can sync the Apple Watch with the iPhone. This means, you can continuously track progress and do better next time.

Listen to music

Apple Watch is useful to listen to podcast, audiobook or music while working, driving or relaxing. With up to 32GB of internal storage, your Apple Watch could store plenty of audio files, more than 60 hours of continuous podcast, audiobook or music. You can listen to them without an iPhone nearby. However, you need a pair of wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. Wireless headphones usually have a special button that put it into pairing mode. Press and hold the button for a period of time and a light should stat flashing. In your Apple Watch, go to the Settings app by pressing the digital crown. In the Settings main page choose Bluetooth and the Apple Watch should start looking for a device with active Bluetooth signal. When your headphones appear on the Apple Watch, you should tap it. Depending on the specified security settings, you may need to enter password or PIN.

Make and receive calls

If you have an Apple Watch with built-in LTE capability, it could become an extension of the iPhone. Even if you leave the iPhone back phone, the Apple Watch can relay the call using the LTE connectivity. When making a call, it’s as easy as tapping the Phone app on your Apple Watch. Use the digital crown to scroll through the contacts. Tap a contact that you want to call and tap the Phone button to initiate the voice call.

Use Maps

You can use Maps feature on your Apple Watch, without an iPhone in your pocket. However, you need Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, along with eSIM contract from the network provider. You can get the full functionality of Maps without an iPhone nearby, including searching a location, getting directions and stopping directions. This is very useful when you are commuting in a busy public transportation network.