It’s easy for any wearable to get dirty, because your wear it all the time. Dust, dirt and sweat can make your Apple Watch band gets dirty easily. Apple released the Watch Series 6 last year. Other than blood oxygen monitor and multiple features, it also has solo loop that removes the need for clasp for the silicone band. Regardless of the material of your Apple Watch band, you need to clean it regularly.

Use damp cloth

After removing the band out of the watch case, make sure that you are working on a safe area. Choose a flat surface to place the band. Use non-abrasive, lint-free cloth to clean the band. Wipe the band gently with the cloth. Make sure that you wipe both the underside and top of the band. Sometimes, you tend to ignore cleaning the underside of the band properly, thinking that people won’t see it. With a damp cotton cloth, scrub the band, especially at areas where the stain persists. While scrubbing, you may need to apply more pressure. With dry cloth, you can remove excess moisture. Again, check the top and underside of the band to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. It is better air dry the band for about one hour before you attach it again to the Apple Watch. But if you are in a hurry, you can put the band back immediately, but make sure that it’s completely dry.

If you have leather band for the Apple Watch, make sure that you don’t put it under water. Leather isn’t a water-resistant material and using too much water could ruin the strap. Non-abrasive, damp cloth is enough to remove dirt and stain from the leather strap You may use diluted solution of mild soap if the stain is hard to remove. Wrap the leather strap in paper towel to quickly remove excess moisture after the cleaning process. Air dry the strap and make sure that it doesn’t get damp too long. Never put your leather strap under sunlight, because repeated exposure to UV ray will make the leather brittle.  

Use magic eraser

You need to use warm water and magic eraser to use this method. Fully soak the magic eraser in the water. Squeeze the magic erase to remove as much water as possible. When squeezing, twisting or wringing out magic eraser, you shouldn’t overdo it to prevent tearing. Tear will develop eventually, so you shouldn’t speed up the process. Use the magic eraser to scrub the band down. Look for areas with stain build up and apply more pressure when necessary. When doing this, you should pay more attention to the pin and lugs of the band. You may need to re-wet the eraser again if it gets dry. Put it under warm water and scrub off the dirt from the eraser. Do this repeatedly, until there’s no more stain on the band. Completely rinse your band under running water and there shouldn’t be any disgusting stain on the band. Use dry cloth to completely dry the band and air dry it. Before re-attaching the band, you should make sure that it’s dry.